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Arclight adds one in Four

Arclight adds one in Four

By Patrick Frater

Sat, 05 November 2011, 09:33 AM (HKT)

Industry News

Easternlight, the Asian arm of Australian-US film sales company Arclight Films Pty Ltd, has picked up international rights to The Four 四大名捕 (2012), a Chinese historical action drama that is now in production.

The film is an RMB80 million ($12.5 million) production co-directed by Gordon CHAN 陳嘉上 and Janet CHUN 秦小珍. It is produced by Abe KWONG 鄺文偉 on behalf of Beijing Enlight Pictures Co Ltd 北京光線影業有限公司.

The story features a group of four mercenaries — DENG Chao 鄧超, Crystal LIU 劉亦菲, Ronald CHENG 鄭中基 and Collin CHOU 鄒兆龍 — who are hunt down a banknote forger for the Emperor.

The screenplay is based on WOON Swee Oan 溫瑞安's novel with photography by LAI Yiu-fai 黎耀輝 and action choreography by Dee Dee KU 谷軒昭 (14 Blades 錦衣衛 (2010)). Special effects are being handled by Beijing-based Base FX.

Easternlight is also handling two other Chinese titles, The Lost Bladesman 關雲長 (2011) and White Vengeance 鴻門宴傳奇 (2011), as well as Malaysian action drama Bunohan: Return to Murder Bunohan (2011).

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