Beach Spike puts on a wrap

Beach Spike puts on a wrap

By Patrick Frater

Fri, 01 October 2010, 12:41 PM (HKT)

Production News

Production wrapped in the past few days on Beach Spike 熱浪球愛戰 (2011), a comedy-action film set at the crossroads between beach volleyball and kung fu.

The film is directed by Tony TANG 鄧東明 and stars a bevy of bikini babes — Chrissie CHAU 周秀娜, Theresa FU 傅穎, Jessica C and Phoenix VALEN — in a story of rich and poor, Asian vs Eurasian, sports and self-discovery.

Beach Spike is the second film after The Blood Bond (2010) to emerge from Bey LOGAN's B&E Productions stable since The Weinstein Company executive turned local producer. Logan produces alongside Charlie Wong (黃永峰), Peggy LEE 李錦文 and T-Films.

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