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  1. Eternal 0 tops Japan Academy Awards
    Okada Junichi takes double acting win
  2. Japan box office rises 6.6% in 2014
    Frozen boosts foreign film's market share
  3. Cape Nostalgia leads Japan Academy nominations
    Slice-of-life drama earns 13 nominations
  4. South Korean films lose domestic dominance
    Foreign film market share surges
  5. Pale Moon leads Blue Ribbon nominations
    Samurai Chronicle and 0.5mm take four each
  6. Moses dethrones Interstellar in South Korea
    Nolan sci-fi epic expected to break 10m admissions
  7. Interstellar remains dominant at South Korea B.O.
    Hunger Games sequel opens second-placed
  8. Lunar Kingdom bewitches China box office
    Period fantasy made RMB100m on Chinese Valentine’s day
  9. Pokemon defeats Ghibli at Japan box office
    When Marnie was There opens third-placed
  10. Maleficent takes second weekend in Japan
    Local youth romance opens second-placed
  11. Market share of South Korean films plummets
    Foreign films secure record admissions
  12. Maleficent dethrones Frozen in Japan
    Best opening for a live-action foreign film this year
  13. Frozen wins 16th round at Japan box office
    World of Kanako opens fourth-placed
  14. Samurai comedy Frozen-out at Japan B.O.
    300 sequel opens fifth-placed
  15. Frozen momentum cooling in Japan
    Noah opens second-placed
  16. Frozen extends winning streak in Japan
    Pompeii opens fifth-placed
  17. X-Men and Monsterz fail to stop Frozen in Japan
    Frozen now 3rd in all-time ranking
  18. Frozen fever continues in Japan
    Gundam film opens third-placed
  19. Frozen tops Japan B.O. for tenth weekend
    Thermae Romae II holds second place
  20. My Old Classmate works China's Labour Day
    Spider-man sequel snags huge opening
  21. Eternal Zero wins Udine audience award
    Attorney takes Black Dragon Award in Italy
  22. Thermae Romae II makes splash in Japan
    Frozen still number one at B.O.
  23. Conan challenges Frozen's reign in Japan
    Captain America fourth-placed
  24. Crows Zero sequel explodes at Japan B.O.
    Frozen on top for fifth weekend
  25. Pang Ho-cheung's Aberdeen to open Udine
    Thermae Romae II to close Italian festival
  26. China box office up 29.3% in 2014 Q1
    Domestic films take 65% share
  27. Frozen refuses to melt at Japan box office
    One Third opens eighth-placed
  28. Frozen spends 3rd weekend atop Japan B.O.
    Kamen Rider film third-placed
  29. Frozen continues Japan reign
    13% week-on-week increase
  30. Frozen heats up Japan box office
    Best opening gross of 2014
  31. Frozen joins South Korea's 10 million club
    First animation, second foreign film to cross milestone
  32. Miss Granny stays young at South Korea B.O.
    High concept comedy crosses 7 million admissions
  33. Beijing Love Story feels the love at China B.O.
    RMB200 million in 4 days
  34. Beijing Love Story resets China 2-D record
    New Valentine's Day B.O. record
  35. Monkey King maintains reign at China B.O.
    New release Frozen fourth-placed
  36. Monkey King heads record-breaking New Year
    86% year-on-year increase in China
  37. Boonie Bears atop China B.O. for second weekend
    Takes record as China's highest grossing animation
  38. The Attorney joins 10 million club
    South Korean drama is ninth local film to cross admissions milestone
  39. Shu Ra Ra Boom to open Yubari
    Obayashi Nobuhiko's new film to close genre festival
  40. Police Story 2013 tops China B.O.
    Personal Tailor passes RMB500 million
  41. Firestorm tops Xmas B.O. in Hong Kong
    Frozen top foreign film; 11% year-on-year increase
  42. Japanese comedian makes directorial debut
    Gekidan Hitori's time traveling drama stars Oizumi Yo and Shibasaki Ko

Bolt From the Blue top local film in Japan

Bolt From the Blue top local film in Japan

By Kevin Ma

Tue, 27 May 2014, 11:45 AM (HKT)

Box Office News

Even though it had its largest week-on-week drop, Frozen (2013) remained on top of the Japan box office for the 12th weekend.

The fantasy made an addition ¥700 million (US$6.87 million) from 518,000 admissions on 670 screens on Saturday and Sunday. Its total gross is now ¥19.8 billion (US$195 million), surpassing local animated features Howl's Moving Castle ハウルの動く城 (2004) and Princess Mononoke もののけ姫 (1997) as the fourth highest grossing film of all-time in Japan.

It is expected to surpass Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone's ¥20.3 billion (US$199 million) gross this week to become Japan's third highest-grossing film.

Second-placed, with just over a quarter of the Disney animation's box office, was comedy-drama A Bolt from the Blue 青天の霹靂 (2014) (pictured), the directorial debut of comedian GEKIDAN Hitori 劇団ひとり. From 300 screens, the film – starring OIZUMI Yo 大泉洋, SHIBASAKI Ko 柴咲コウ and Gekidan — made ¥180 million (US$1.76 million) from 131,000 admissions on its first two days.

In 2008, HIRAKAWA Yuichiro 平川雄一朗's ensemble drama Flowers in the Shadows 陰日向に咲く (2008) – also based on a novel by Gekidan – opened with ¥231 million (US$2.27 million) from 312 screens. It made a total of ¥1.95 billion (US$19.1 million) during its theatrical run.

Thermae Romae II テルマエ・ロマエ パートⅡ (2014) dropped to third place, making an additional ¥147 million (US$1.44 million). After five weekends, the time travel comedy has made ¥3.8 billion (US$37.3 million).

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 7: Over the Rainbow 機動戦士ガンダムUC/episode 7 虹の彼方に (2014) dropped to eighth place with an additional ¥63.9 million (US$627,000) in its second weekend for a total of ¥308 million (US$3.02 million) after nine days in cinemas. The animated sci-fi film is being released on home video next week.

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