Chan shoots Mei Mei

Chan shoots Mei Mei

By Patrick Frater

Thu, 05 August 2010, 17:00 PM (HKT)

Production News

Shooting has begun on Mei Mei, a film by Pauline Chan about a 16 year old Chinese orphan who travels to Australia, only to find that her sponsor is in prison convicted of manslaughter.

Guy Pearce stars as the convict, China's Zhu Lin the girl.

The film is only the second to made as an official co-production using the bilateral Australia-China co-production treaty. Mei Mei means "younger sister" in Chinese.

The film is currently being shot in and around Sydney in locations including Long Bay Correctional facility, Yasmah Juvenile Detention Centre, Gladesville Hospital, North Head Artillery Base, Ryde Hospital, South Sydney Hospital and the Conservatorium of Music.

Production will relocate to China and the producers are in talks to conduct at least part of the post-production at a major studio in China.

Producers are Penny Carl-Nelson, Chan and Lesley Stevens through Portal Films as well as Lui Zhijiang.

The film receives A$200,000 ($183,000) from New South Wales government under its August 2010 funding round.

Chan, who relocated from Hong Kong to Australia in the 1980s, was consultant on the first Chinese-Australian co-production Last Dragon and producer on Ultraviolet.

Pearce was this week announced as joining the cast of Luc Besson and EuropaCorp's 3-D thriller Lock Out, opposite Taken star Maggie Grace. The action again takes place in a prison – this time one that is 50 miles above the earth.

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