Han Gong-ju wins Wildflower Grand Prize

Han Gong-ju wins Wildflower Grand Prize

By Kevin Ma

Sat, 11 April 2015, 11:00 AM (HKT)

Awards News

Han Gong-ju 한공주 (2013) was the top winner of the second Wildflower Film Awards Korea 들꽃영화상, held Thursday night in Seoul.

The critically acclaimed drama won the Grand Prize, and star CHEON U-hui 천우희 won Best Actress for her performance as a transfer student with a traumatic past.

HONG Sang-soo 홍상수 | 洪常秀 won the Best Director – Narrative prize for comedy Hill of Freedom 자유의 언덕 and PARK Chan-kyong 박찬경 won the Best Director – Documentaries prize for Manshin: Ten Thousand Spirits 만신 (2013). LEE Yong-seung 이용승 won Best New Director for office drama 10 Minutes 10분 (2013).

AN Jae-hong 안재홍 won Best Actor for sports comedy The King of Jokgu 족구왕 (2013). First-time director July JUNG 정주리 won Best Screenplay for A Girl at My Door 도희야.

In addition to the ten prizes, the award committee also gave out two Special Commendations: The Appreciation Award for JEONG Sang-jin 정상진, CEO of ArtNine 아트나인 indie cinema and a Special Jury Award to SHIN Min-a 신민아 | 新慜娥 for her performance in ZHANG Lü 張律's Gyeongju 경주.

The nominations were determined by a selection committee made up of 25 Korean independent film viewers. The selection committee as well as selected programmers and critics then voted on the winners.


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