Enlight adapts father-son reality show to film

Enlight adapts father-son reality show to film

By Kevin Ma

Sat, 14 December 2013, 12:30 PM (HKT)

Production News

Beijing Enlight Pictures Co Ltd 北京光線影業有限公司's CEO WANG Changtian 王長田 confirmed on his Weibo Microblog that the company is producing Where Are We Going, Dad? 爸爸去哪兒 (2014), a film adaptation of the Hunan Television reality show.

Based on the hit South Korean show, Dad features five celebrity fathers – Jimmy LIN 林志穎, WANG Yuelun 王岳倫, GUO Tao 郭濤, Sean ZHANG 張墚 and TIAN Liang 田亮 — on a cross-country journey with their kids. The show has been a ratings sensation in China, attracting approximately 75 million viewers each week.

The film has started production in Guangzhou with television show director XIE Dikui 謝滌葵 at the helm, but it has not been revealed whether the cast from the television show is in the film. Wang also confirmed on his Weibo microblog that the film is set for release on 31 Jan 2014, the first day of Lunar New Year.

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