Firestorm has explosive opening in China

Firestorm has explosive opening in China

By Kevin Ma

Sat, 14 December 2013, 12:05 PM (HKT)

Box Office News

Andy LAU 劉德華 has scored another strong opening in China with 3-D action film Firestorm 風暴 (2013).

Accounting for approximately 33.9% of all screenings nationwide (with approximately 27,600 screenings on 7,390 screens), the Alan YUEN 袁錦麟-directed film made RMB31.5 million (US$5.19 million) from 829,000 admissions on Thursday.

It is the second-best opening for Lau this year. In June, Switch 天機 富春山居圖 (2013) made RMB50.7 million (US$8.35 million) on its opening day for a total of RMB297 million (US$48.9 million). In July, Blind Detective 盲探 (2013) made RMB17.4 million (US$2.87 million) on opening day for a total of RMB209 million (US$34.4 million).

On Tuesday night, the action thriller made RMB11.2 million (US$1.84 million) from 7,200 preview screenings nationwide. The Edko (Beijing) Films Ltd 安樂(北京)電影發行有限公司 release has now grossed a total of RMB43.4 million (US$7.15 million).

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