Four Detectives reteam

Four Detectives reteam

By Stephen Cremin

Tue, 12 April 2011, 10:05 AM (HKT)

Production News

Gordon CHAN 陳嘉上 has started to shoot The Four 四大名捕 (2012), an adaptation of WOON Swee Oan 溫瑞安's celebrated martial arts novel set during China's Northern Song Dynasty.

Chan told Chinese media that his interpretation of the story will bring a fresh spin to the tale of four assassins skilled in martial arts that are hired by the Emperor to solve various mysteries.

The film stars DENG Chao 鄧超, Crystal LIU 劉亦菲, Ronald CHENG 鄭中基 and Collin CHOU 鄒兆龍 as the four titular detectives. Their co-stars are Anthony WONG 黃秋生, JIANG Yiyan 江一燕 and Sheren TANG 鄧萃雯.

The film is backed by Beijing Enlight Pictures Co Ltd 北京光線影業有限公司 that also invested in Chan's Mural 畫壁 (2011). Mural, which is currently in post-production, also stars Deng and Chou in leading roles.

Woon Swee Oan, born in Malaysia in 1954, wrote his first novel about the four detectives when he was 19-years-old. The work has been adapted several times into popular television drama series in the region.

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