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Golden Chickensss leads HK lunar box office

Golden Chickensss leads HK lunar box office

By Kevin Ma

Wed, 05 February 2014, 09:30 AM (HKT)

Box Office News

Local films finally returned to the top of the Lunar New Year box office this year, according to figures released by Hong Kong's Motion Picture Industry Association Ltd (MPIA) 香港電影協會.

All four new local releases dominated the holiday weekend, led by comedy Golden Chickensss 金雞sss. The third film in the franchise, the Matt CHOW 鄒凱光 film made HK$14 million (US$1.81 million) between 30 Jan (New Year's Eve) and 2 Feb (the third day of the new year). After five days on release (plus five days of local previews), it has made HK$20.8 million (US$2.68 million).

Over the same period, WONG Jing 王晶's From Vegas to Macau 賭城風雲 was a close second with HK$19.4 million (US$2.49 million), making it the director's highest-grossing film in Hong Kong since The Tricky Master 千王之王2000 (1999) (HK$19.1 million, US$2.46 million). The gambling comedy, starring CHOW Yun-fat 周潤發 and Nicholas TSE 謝霆鋒, is third-placed in Mainland China for the holiday.

Released in 3-D and 2-D, The Monkey King 西遊記之大鬧天宮 opened on 29 Jan and made HK$15.3 million (US$1.97 million) on its first six days of release. Opening one day earlier, Vincent Kok's Hello Babies 六福喜事 was fourth-placed with HK$11 million (US$1.41 million) over its first seven days.

The overwhelming success of local film was partly due to the relative weakness in this year's foreign film selections. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was the top new foreign film, making only HK$3.05 million (US$393,000) on its first five days of release. After five days plus two weekends of previews, Disney's Saving Mr. Banks (2013) has made only HK$3.11 million (US$400,000).

Total revenue during the four-day holiday period was HK$51.1 million (US$6.59 million). This represents a year-on-year increase of 15.6% from 2013's HK$44.2 million (US$5.7 million). In addition to the strength of local films, this year's increase can also be attributed to the extended holiday, lasting five days instead of the usual four because one of the public holidays fell on a Sunday.

Last year, A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) was the top film over the holiday, grossing HK$12 million (HK$1.55 million) for a total of HK$28.7 million (US$3.7 million).

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