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Great Passage tops 38th Hochi Film Awards

Great Passage tops 38th Hochi Film Awards

By Kevin Ma

Fri, 29 November 2013, 11:05 AM (HKT)

Awards News

ISHII Yuya 石井裕也's The Great Passage 舟を編む (2013) is the top winner of the 38th Hochi Film Awards.

The dramedy won a total of three prizes – Best Film, Best Actor (MATSUDA Ryuhei 松田龍平) and Best Supporting Actress (IKEWAKI Chizuru 池脇千鶴). Ikewaki also won the award for her performances in The Devil's Path 凶悪 (2013) and Beyond the Memories 潔く柔く きよくやわく (2013).

Including Ikawaki's shared prize, The Devil's Path also won a total of three prizes, with recognition in the Best Director (SHIRAISHI Kazuya 白石和彌) and Best Supporting Actor (Pierre TAKI ピエール瀧, also recognised for Don't Lose Heart くじけないで (2013)) categories.

MAKI Yoko 真木よう子 won the Best Actress Prize for The Ravine of Goodbye さよなら渓谷 (2013), YOSHIOKA Tatsuki 吉岡竜輝 won the Best New Actor Prize for A Boy Called H 少年H (2013) and the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 (2013) won the Best International Film Prize.

Despite having the highest number of nominations, Unforgiven 許されざる者 (2013) did not win a single prize.

Ikewaki previously won the Best New Actor Prize in 1999 for A Tale of Osaka 大阪物語 (1999). Matsuda Ryuhei's father MATSUDA Yusaku 松田優作 won the Best Actor Prize in 1983 for The Family Game 家族ゲーム (1983), making them the first father and son to win the same prize in the history of the award.

Organised by newspaper Sport Hochi, the Hochi Film Awards considers any film that has held at least one week of paid screenings in the Tokyo metropolitan area between 1 Dec and 30 Nov eligible.

The jury is comprised of Sports Hochi's film journalists and an external committee (including film critics). Sports Hochi is also one of the seven newspapers that organise the annual Blue Ribbon Awards.

This year's Hochi Film Award ceremony is set for 18 Dec in Tokyo.

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