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HK-China film withdrawn from Tokyo festival

HK-China film withdrawn from Tokyo festival

By Patrick Frater

Tue, 25 September 2012, 18:59 PM (HKT)

Festival News

The already somewhat weak selection of Chinese films at next month's Tokyo International Film Festival 東京国際映画祭, has been further reduced.

The festival today announced the cancellation of the YIM Ho 嚴浩-directed drama Floating City 浮城大亨 (2012) "due to certain reasons on the production side". It was scheduled to play in the Winds of Asia-Middle East section.

The language suggests that the film was withdrawn by its producers, rather than reference to a technical hitch at the production stage, and it is likely due to ongoing political tensions between China and Japan that have escalated in recent weeks.

Asia's two largest nations have clashed over their territorial claims to the Pinnacle Islands, rocky outcrops which the Japanese refer to as Senkau and the Chinese refer to as Diaoyu. Taiwan also claims ownership.

Floating City, which was made as a Hong Kong-China co-production, was released in Hong Kong and China in May this year. Its investors are Mandarin Films Distribution Co Ltd 東方電影出品有限公司 and Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd 銀都機構有限公司. The latter has close ties to Chinese authorities.

Despite the political crisis, the Tokyo festival's selection includes WANG Jing 王競's Feng Shui 萬箭穿心 (2012) in the main competition and ZHANG Yang 張楊's Full Circle 飛越老人院 (2012), in the Winds of Asia-Middle East section.

Floating City, about the corporate rise of a nearly illiterate fisherman's son, stars Aaron KWOK 郭富城, Charlie YOUNG 楊采妮 and Josie HO 何超儀.

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