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Kitano produces Kids Return sequel

Kitano produces Kids Return sequel

By Kevin Ma

Fri, 19 July 2013, 19:15 PM (HKT)

Production News

Office Kitano Inc オフィス北野 is producing a sequel to KITANO Takeshi 北野武's youth drama Kids Return キッズ・リターン (1996).

Kids Return: The Reunion キッズ・リターン 再会の時 (literally "Kids Return: The Moment of Reunion") is based on Kitano's original idea, set ten years after the original ended. The new film is directed by SHIMIZU Hiroshi 清水浩, the assistant director of Kids Return and several other Kitano films. MASHIKO Shoichi 益子昌一 co-wrote the script with Shimizu.

The new film is about the reunion of the two protagonists, now a professional boxer and a gangster. HIRAOKA Yuta 平岡祐太 and MIURA Takahiro 三浦貴大 star in the roles originally played by ANDO Masanobu 安藤政信 and KANEKO Ken 金子賢 respectively seventeen years ago.

Production on the film – produced by Bandai Visual Co Ltd バンダイビジュアル, TV Tokyo Corporation テレビ東京, Tokyo Theatres Co Ltd 東京テアトル and Office Kitano – was completed in May 2013. Tokyo Theatres and Office Kitano will distribute the film in Japanese cinemas on 12 Oct 2013.

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