Kite finally flies for Distant Horizon

Kite finally flies for Distant Horizon

By Patrick Frater

Thu, 27 October 2011, 11:17 AM (HKT)

Production News

The long in the pipeline remake of the controversial Japanese animation Kite カイト (1998) has finally been green-lighted. David R. ELLIS, director of Shark Night 3D (2011), Snakes on a Plane and Cellular is confirmed as director.

Kite (2013) is based on UMETSU Yasuomi 梅津泰臣's straight-to-video animation about a schoolgirl assassin, and has been some six years in development at South African group Distant Horizon. The company maintains a Japanese outpost to scout for such material and to develop original Asian properties.

The film will be shot in South Africa from January with Distant Horizon producing and Mexico's Detalle Films as financier and co-producer. The budget is set at $12 million.

Distant Horizon sources describe the new film as a "full on female actioner" with "gritty realistic action". They report that they are now in advanced talks about casting and aim to unveil actors at next week's American Film Market.

The original Japanese animation was produced as two 30 minute episodes and revolved around an orphaned teen schoolgirl who was controlled both sexually and mentally by the two cops investigating the brutal murder of her parents.

Its gory violence, nudity and abusive sex scenes earned it controversy overseas. On the first of its three releases in the US it was distributed as a single episode, shorn of 15 minutes of extreme footage.

In 2009, Distant Horizon produced Fruit CHAN 陳果's Don't Look Up THE JOYUREI 女優霊 (2009), a remake of NAKATA Hideo 中田秀夫's early horror film Don't Look Up 女優霊 (1996).

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