Kiyosu Conference tops Japan box office

Kiyosu Conference tops Japan box office

By Kevin Ma

Tue, 12 November 2013, 09:00 AM (HKT)

Box Office News

Writer-director MITANI Koki 三谷幸喜 continued his box office winning streak at the weekend with The Kiyosu Conference 清須会議 (2013).

Mitani's first period comedy, about Japan's largest political figures meeting to decide on a successor after the death of Oda Nobunaga, made ¥484 million (US$4.90 million) from 430 screens on Saturday and Sunday.

Mitani's A Ghost of a Chance ステキな金縛り (2011) made ¥488 million (US$4.92 million) in its first two days for a total of ¥4.15 billion yen (US$41.9 million). His Suite Dreams THE 有頂天ホテル (2006) made ¥6.08 billion (US$63.1 million).

On Saturday afternoon, distributor Toho Co Ltd 東宝 announced that it projects Kiyosu to gross over ¥4 billion (US$40.3 million).

From just 90 screens, Bad Boys J 劇場版BAD BOYS J―最後に守るもの― (2013) made ¥80.2 million yen (US$809,000) in its first two days at fifth place. Based on a popular comic book series, the youth gangster film is the continuation of the television series of the same name. It stars popular idols from Johnny's Entertainment and AKB48.

FURUSAWA Takeshi 古澤健's Roommate ルームメイト (2013) was ninth-placed with just ¥47.7 million yen (US$480,000) from 193 screens on its first two days of release. The psychological thriller is the first time that popular actresses KITAGAWA Keiko 北川景子 and FUKADA Kyoko 深田恭子 have co-starred in a film.

It was a particularly strong weekend for domestic films, taking up eight spots on the top ten admission ranking. The only two foreign films on the chart are Carrie (2013) — which made ¥54.4 million yen (US$548,000) from 272 screens on its first two days of release — and Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters (2013).

Last week's top film SPEC Close: Incarnation 劇場版 SPEC~結~ 漸ノ篇 (2013) has already made ¥1.43 billion yen (US$14.4 million) after 10 days on release. Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 3: Rebellion 劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ [新編] 叛逆の物語 (2013) has made ¥1.26 billion (US$12.7 million), becoming one of the highest grossing animated films based on a late-night animated series.

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