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Lau and Ip reunite for Sister Peach

Lau and Ip reunite for Sister Peach

By Patrick Frater

Wed, 02 March 2011, 17:19 PM (HKT)

Production News

Production is underway on A Simple Life 桃姐 (2011) (literally, "Sister Peach"), a new drama by Hong Kong-based director Ann HUI 許鞍華 with superstar Andy LAU 劉德華 in the lead role.

The story sees Lau as an aristocrat who late in life befriends a loyal family servant played by veteran actress and Cantopop star Deanie IP 葉德嫻. The pair previously co-starred in The Truth 法內情 (1988).

The film is scripted by Susan CHAN 陳淑賢 and produced by Roger LEE 李恩霖. Other cast include QIN Hailu 秦海璐 and Paul CHUN 秦沛.

The film has a budget of RMB30 million ($5.4 million) and is structured as a Hong Kong-China co-production. Backers include Bona Film Group Co Ltd 博納影業集團有限公司, Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd 銀都機構有限公司 and Lau's own company Focus Films Ltd 映藝娛樂有限公司. International sales are handled by Hong Kong's Distribution Workshop Ltd 發行工作室有限公司.

The story sees an elderly woman, after some 60 years as a servant, become ill and move to a retirement home. There, despite the collection of interesting characters, her world appears to shrink and collapse and she lives for the moments when Roger comes to visit. Through these visits he in turn understands that the woman has come to mean rather more to him than simply servant.

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