Li Ming (1966-2014)

Li Ming (1966-2014)

By Kevin Ma

Fri, 03 January 2014, 11:50 AM (HKT)

Industry News

Beijing Galloping Horse Group 北京小馬奔騰集團's chairman LI Ming 李明 passed away last night after experiencing a heart attack.

Li graduated from the Communication University of China 中國傳媒大學 in 1989 and founded his own advertising agency in 1994. In 1998, Li's company shifted its focus to television series and began investing in films in 2009.

Under Li, Galloping Horse has produced films including Reign of Assassins 劍雨 (2010) and Eternal Moment 將愛情進行到底 (2011). It is the main investor of John WOO 吳宇森's US$40 million in-production The Crossing 太平輪.

Li was 47-years-old.

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