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  62. Planet of the Apes rises at Korea box office
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  65. Wulong Karst to sue Transformers producers
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  67. Transformers rules 2nd weekend in China
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  68. South Korea and China sign co-pro deal
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  69. Hollywood dominates Greater China in H1 2014
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  70. Transformers invades South Korea box office
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  71. Frozen wins 16th round at Japan box office
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  72. Transformers towers over China box office
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  73. Transformers breaks records in Greater China
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  74. Samurai comedy Frozen-out at Japan B.O.
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  75. Maleficent casts spell on Chinese B.O.
    Grace of Monaco opens fourth-placed
  76. Little England wins big in Shanghai
    Surprise jury award for China's Uncle Victory
  77. Frozen momentum cooling in Japan
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  78. Godzilla roars into China box office
    Second biggest foreign opening of the year
  79. Frozen extends winning streak in Japan
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  80. Edge of Tomorrow repeats sci-fi success in China
    Hollywood domination continues into June
  81. Tomorrow edges out South Korean local films
    No Tears for the Dead opens fifth-placed
  82. Shanghai sets opening and closing films
    China, Hollywood films to bookend festival
  83. X-Men and Monsterz fail to stop Frozen in Japan
    Frozen now 3rd in all-time ranking
  84. Leste Chen to direct Miss Granny remake
    South Korean industry continues China experiment
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    Frozen now Japan's fourth highest grossing film
  86. 2014 China box office crosses RMB10 billion
    Local films take 56% market share
  87. Frozen fever continues in Japan
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  88. The Asian films driving global box office
    Charting the Asian films that Asians want to watch
  89. Frozen tops Japan B.O. for tenth weekend
    Thermae Romae II holds second place
  90. Eternal Zero wins Udine audience award
    Attorney takes Black Dragon Award in Italy
  91. Thermae Romae II makes splash in Japan
    Frozen still number one at B.O.
  92. Conan challenges Frozen's reign in Japan
    Captain America fourth-placed
  93. Crows Zero sequel explodes at Japan B.O.
    Frozen on top for fifth weekend
  94. Pang Ho-cheung's Aberdeen to open Udine
    Thermae Romae II to close Italian festival
  95. China box office up 29.3% in 2014 Q1
    Domestic films take 65% share
  96. Frozen refuses to melt at Japan box office
    One Third opens eighth-placed
  97. Hawaii spotlights Asian two dozen
    Spring Festival focuses on South Korea, Japan
  98. Frozen spends 3rd weekend atop Japan B.O.
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  99. One Third wins at Okinawa
    Ultrafast, Miss Granny are runner-ups at Japan festival
  100. Frozen continues Japan reign
    13% week-on-week increase
  101. Finecut closes pre-FilMart deals
    Sales of Attorney, Night Flight and Han Gong-ju
  102. Thread of Lies tops South Korea B.O.
    Monster third-placed
  103. Frozen heats up Japan box office
    Best opening gross of 2014
  104. Showbox to launch Gangnam Blues at Filmart
    Gangster drama stars Lee Min-ho
  105. 300 sequel tops South Korea box office
    Miss Granny remains top local film
  106. Frozen joins South Korea's 10 million club
    First animation, second foreign film to cross milestone
  107. South Korean fantasies join Okinawa competition
    New films by Yukisada Isao and Fujita Yosuke
  108. Miss Granny stays young at South Korea B.O.
    High concept comedy crosses 7 million admissions
  109. Beijing Love Story feels the love at China B.O.
    RMB200 million in 4 days
  110. Beijing Love Story resets China 2-D record
    New Valentine's Day B.O. record
  111. Grandmaster leads 8th AFA nominations
    Asian Film Awards Academy established
  112. Monkey King maintains reign at China B.O.
    New release Frozen fourth-placed
  113. Monkey King heads record-breaking New Year
    86% year-on-year increase in China
  114. Boonie Bears atop China B.O. for second weekend
    Takes record as China's highest grossing animation
  115. The Attorney joins 10 million club
    South Korean drama is ninth local film to cross admissions milestone
  116. Shu Ra Ra Boom to open Yubari
    Obayashi Nobuhiko's new film to close genre festival
  117. Attorney crosses 9 million admissions
    Fourth consecutive weekends atop South Korean chart
  118. Police Story 2013 tops China B.O.
    Personal Tailor passes RMB500 million
  119. Firestorm tops Xmas B.O. in Hong Kong
    Frozen top foreign film; 11% year-on-year increase
  120. South Korean films break local admissions record
    Only two foreign films in 2013 top ten
  121. Finecut takes Sea Fog and Obsessed for AFM
    Next Entertainment World titles complete lineup
  122. Location Face-off: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia
    Experience, incentives and facilities attract shoots
  123. Korean Film Council: Young at Forty
    KOFIC's position in local film history
  124. Korean cinema, Chinese characteristics
    Is the future of South Korean cinema in China?
  125. Tokyo's CoPro Connection doubles down
    Nicolas Winding Refn & Chris Doyle seek financing
  126. Singapore and South Korea take drama to Oscars
    Ilo Ilo and Juvenile Offender chosen by film bodies
  127. KOFIC shortlists Korean Oscar hopefuls
    Tales of werewolves, spies and political prisoners among contenders
  128. Greater China stars join Hollywood productions
    Trend continues as Han Geng announced in Transformers' sequel.
  129. South Korea has record H1 box office
    Admissions up 18.3%; box office up 12.7%
  130. China, South Korea ready co-prod treaty
    Deal underlines growing industry linkage
  131. South Korean BO has bumper Jan
    New Year, new record for local films
  132. South Korean films hit record level
    Market share and revenues power ahead
  133. Thieves continues to steal BO glory
    Heist film crosses 4 million admissions in 8 days
  134. Busan plans for new studio complex
    KOFIC facilities additional to remodelled BFC stages
  135. Local revenues boom for South Korean films
    KOFIC data: BO climbs, NEW is No 3 distributor
  136. South Korean films surge in 2011
    Local films reverse five year downtrend
  137. Kim appointed chairman of KOFIC
    Safe pair of hands for troubled Korean institution
  138. South Korean exports crumble in 2009
    Overseas sales figures disappoint ahead of Berlin market

Market share of South Korean films plummets

Market share of South Korean films plummets

By Stephen Cremin

Tue, 08 July 2014, 15:40 PM (HKT)

Box Office News

According to official numbers from the Korean Film Council (Kofic) 영화진흥위원회, local films had a 43.0% market share in the first half of 2014, down from 56.6% in 2013 and the lowest in percentage terms since 2009.

Overall admissions were also down, from a record 98.5 million in the first half of 2013 to 96.51 million. However, the figure still represents the second highest on record. Box office stood at ₩742 billion (US$733 million) in the first half of the year.

Despite the overall drop, foreign films had record attendance of 55.0 million admissions. Ticket sales were boosted by record-breaking animation Frozen (2013), Edge of Tomorrow (2014) and three superhero titles in the top ten.

Three films have broken five million admissions so far in 2014, compared to four in 2013 and just one in 2012. Two of the three are local films, Miss Granny 수상한 그녀 (2014) and The Attorney 변호인 (2013) on 8.63 million and 5.69 million admissions respectively.

Just outside the top ten is Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014), which had 2.82 million admissions by 30 Jun. It has now secured 4.23 million admissions with box office takings of ₩35.6 billion (US$35.2 million) by Monday night.

Several high profile South Korean films are set to go head-to-head with Hollywood releases over the summer. They include Kundo: Age of the Rampant 군도 민란의 시대 | 群盜 (2014) on 23 Jul, Roaring Currents 명량 (2014) on 30 Jul, The Pirates 해적 바다로 간 산적 | 海賊 (2014) on 6 Aug and Haemoo 해무 | 海霧 (2014) on 13 Aug.

The number one draw in South Korea yesterday was local action film The Divine Move 신의 한 수 (2014), with more than double the admissions of the Transformers sequel. Since opening on 3 Jul, it has made ₩10.9 billion (US$10.8 million) on 1.34 million admissions.


  1. Frozen (₩82.3b; US$81.4m; 10.3m admissions)
  2. Miss Granny (₩62.5b; US$61.8m; 8.63m admissions)
  3. The Attorney (₩41.9b; US$41.4m; 5.69m admissions)
  4. Edge of Tomorrow (₩36.3b; US$35.9m; 4.39m admissions)
  5. The Amazing Spider-man 2 (₩34.8b; US$34.4m; 4.31m admissions)
  6. X-Men: Days of Future Past (₩34.6b; US$34.2m; 4.17m admissions)
  7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (₩31.7b; US$31.3m; 3.96m admissions)
  8. The Fatal Encounter (₩29.9b; US$29.6m; 3.85m admissions)
  9. A Hard Day (₩24.5b; US$24.2m; 3.13m admissions)
  10. The Target (₩22.3b; US$22.0m; 2.84m admissions)

(Note: The Attorney, which opened on 18 Dec 2013, has secured 11.4 million admissions in total.)

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