Midsummer's Equation has hit formula

Midsummer's Equation has hit formula

By Kevin Ma

Tue, 02 July 2013, 19:05 PM (HKT)

Box Office News

Midsummer's Equation 真夏の方程式 (2013), the second Japanese-language film based on HIGASHINO Keigo 東野圭吾's Detective Galileo novels, dominated Japan's domestic box office takings over the weekend.

Opening less than a week after the second season of the Galileo television drama concluded, the crime procedural — starring popular actor FUKUYAMA Masaharu 福山雅治 as a genius physicist who investigates a murder case in a seaside town — made ¥468 million (US$4.69 million) in two days.

On Saturday afternoon, distributor Toho Co Ltd 東宝 announced that Midsummer's opening day admissions were on track to eclipse the first movie by 115%. It predicted that Midsummer would cross the ¥5 billion mark in Japan, which would position it as the highest grossing domestic live-action film of the year.

Opening day-and-date in Hong Kong on Saturday, Midsummer made HK$1.48 million (US$192,000) in its first two days, despite opening against Man of Steel (2013). Distributor Panasia Films Ltd 泛亞影業有限公司 told Film Business Asia that Fukuyama's Hong Kong visit played a major role in raising awareness for the film.

In 2008, the original Galileo movie adaptation, Suspect X 容疑者Xの献身 (2008), opened with ¥542 million in Japan and stayed at the top of the box office for four weeks. Midsummer likely won't have significant domestic competition until MIYAZAKI Hayao 宮崎駿's animation The Wind Rises 風立ちぬ (2013) opens on 20 Jul.

Midsummer opens in Taiwan on Friday through Panasia's distribution partner VieVision Pictures 威視電影股份有限公司.

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