Rurouni Kenshin gets two-part sequel

Rurouni Kenshin gets two-part sequel

By Stephen Cremin

Wed, 03 July 2013, 14:30 PM (HKT)

Production News

The high-concept samurai film Rurouni Kenshin るろうに剣心 (2012) is to continue its big screen adventure with a two-part sequel already in production.

The original film, directed by OTOMO Keishi 大友啓史 and starring SATO Takeru 佐藤健, made ¥3.01 billion (US$29.9 million) on its domestic release through Warner Bros Japan ワーナー・ブラザース映画.

WATSUKI Nobuhiro 和月伸宏's original manga series, which runs to 28 volumes, ended its run in 1999. Before the release of last year's movie adaptation it had already sold 55 million copies.

News of the two-part sequel first broke in the monthly Jump Square (ジャンプスクエア) manga anthology, which revealed that the new films would follow the Kyoto arc storyline from the comic series.

The Jump Square website revealed yesterday — see picture — that the two films will be released next summer, this time pairing Sato Takeru with FUJIWARA Tatsuya 藤原竜也 as a former government assassin.

The two-part sequel has large export potential.

The original broke box office records for a Japanese title in the Philippines through Pioneer Films, and was the highest grossing Japanese release in Singapore in four years through Encore Films Pte Ltd 創藝電影.

Fujiwara — recently seen in MIIKE Takashi 三池崇史's Cannes' competition title Shield of Straw 藁の楯 (2013) — has also been cast in NAKATA Hideo 中田秀夫's Monsterz MONSTERZ (2014), which starts shooting this month.

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