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  1. Aftershock | 唐山大地震
    Long-limbed drama is surprisingly moving without being a simple tearjerker.
  2. American Dreams in China | 中國合伙人
    Long-limbed tale of three friends in business together boasts strong lead performances.
  3. CZ12 | 十二生肖
    Jackie Chan bounces back in a modern action-adventure aimed squarely at kids.
  4. Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons | 西游 降魔篇
    After the lame CJ7, Stephen Chow finally bounces back as a comic writer-director.
  5. Let the Bullets Fly | 讓子彈飛
    A richly entertaining Oriental Western anchored by a well-honed, ironic script and terrific performances.
  6. Lost in Thailand | 人再囧途之泰囧
    Reteaming of lead actors from road comedy Lost on Journey is more hyper but cleverly crafted.
  7. Painted Skin: The Resurrection | 畫皮Ⅱ
    Slick fantasy vehicle for three Mainland stars is in a different league to the 2008 film.
  8. So Young | 致我們終將逝去的青春
    Impressive ensemble portrait of university friends loses its grip once it leaves campus.

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    Updated: Court rules against Chow
  2. C'est si bon tops South Korea box office

    Jupiter Ascending opens
  3. Osaka Asian Film Festival fixes largest line-up
    Spotlights on Hong Kong, Taiwan and SE Asia
  4. China B.O up 36% in 2014
    Domestic films take 54% market share
  5. Bullets has RMB300 million opening weekend
    2-D version released today
  6. Naruto overtakes Parasyte at Japan box office
    New Battleship Yamato animation opens third-placed
  7. Interstellar tops holiday weekend in Japan
    Miracle is runner-up
  8. Ninja Turtles reboot tops China box office
    Kung Fu Jungle number one in Hong Kong
  9. Drug War tops China Media Awards
    Finding Mr. Right wins audience prize
  10. Enlight loses Lost in Thailand lawsuit
    Lost on Journey company awarded RMB5m
  11. Roaring Currents sets Korean B.O. record
    Haemoo opens third-placed
  12. Pokemon defeats Ghibli at Japan box office
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  13. Nikkatsu, Toho-Towa launch Asian label
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  14. The Asian films driving global box office
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  15. Grandmaster sets record at HK Film Awards
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  16. Captain America commands China box office
    Truth About Beauty is top local film
  17. ChinaVision reports profit surge in 2013
    Alibaba acquisition, co-productions in 2014
  18. Grandmaster wins 7 at Asian Film Awards
    Hou Hsiao-hsien gets lifetime achievement nod
  19. Mainland cinema's new maturity
    Films by debut directors among highlights of 2013
  20. Frozen joins South Korea's 10 million club
    First animation, second foreign film to cross milestone
  21. Grandmaster leads 8th AFA nominations
    Asian Film Awards Academy established
  22. Osaka champions Philippines "maindies"
    Three "mainstream indies" compete in Japan
  23. Grandmaster leads HK Film Award nominations
    11 for Unbeatable, 9 for Rigor Mortis
  24. China's biggest films refused Taiwan release
    A Touch of Sin among films "banned" in Taiwan
  25. Police Story leads second weekend at China B.O.
    Up in the Wind fourth-placed
  26. China B.O. up 27% in 2013
    Domestic films take 59% market share
  27. Iron Man, Unbeatable top 2013 Hong Kong B.O.
    Total revenue up by 4.2%
  28. Ah Boys to Men 2 tops Singapore 2013 B.O.
    Four local films in top ten Chinese films
  29. China B.O. passes RMB20 billion in 2013
    Domestic films take 55% share
  30. South Korean films break local admissions record
    Only two foreign films in 2013 top ten
  31. Local documentaries strong at Taipei B.O.
    Beyond Beauty and Twelve Nights in top three
  32. Grandmaster leads Asia-Pacific award nominations
    Snowpiercer and Lunchbox also recognised
  33. Lost in Thailand secures Taiwan import quota
    Release of Touch of Sin uncertain
  34. Singapore, France major winners at Golden Horse
    Ilo Ilo wins best film, Grandmaster most awards
  35. Hong Kong cinema's identity crisis
    Is localisation the future of Hong Kong film-making?
  36. China box office up 35% in 2013
    Local films' revenue grows 93.8% year-on-year
  37. Thailand maintains production services growth
    44 incoming feature films as of August 2013
  38. Location Face-off: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia
    Experience, incentives and facilities attract shoots
  39. Korean cinema, Chinese characteristics
    Is the future of South Korean cinema in China?
  40. Grandmaster leads Golden Horse nominees
    Five including Ilo Ilo tied with 6 nominations
  41. American Dreams, 1942 crow at Golden Rooster
    Double winners in two categories
  42. Five Asian world premieres compete at Tokyo fest
    Mun So-ri and Terajima Shinobu join main jury
  43. The Stolen Years awakes atop China box office
    Unbeatable top Hong Kong film of 2013
  44. 1942 tops Golden Rooster nominations
    New category, smaller ceremony this year
  45. Crime thrillers recognised at China Media Awards
    Taiwan's Touch of the Light also awarded
  46. Animations dominates 2013 Japan box office
    Les Misérables is top live action film
  47. Submissions up at Golden Horse Awards
    Best New Director entries particularly competitive
  48. Enlight Media reports 112% rise in profit
    Film and television division revenue up 320%
  49. Chinese films opening in N. American cinemas
    Tiny Times, Drug War, Grandmaster set for release
  50. Stone and Soul win at Taipei Film Awards
    Festival held at time of uncertainty for industry
  51. Huayi forecasts 300% rise in profits
    Television, talent and theatrical up in 2013
  52. China box office up 36% in H1 2013
    Domestic films secure 62.3% market share
  53. Hong Kong BO growth slows in 2013
    Box office revenue up 1.43% in first half of 2013
  54. South Korea has record H1 box office
    Admissions up 18.3%; box office up 12.7%
  55. The power of the author in China and Hollywood
    Directors' guilds compare notes
  56. American Dreams beds down in China
    Peter Chan's drama about friendship has RMB100m opening weekend
  57. Thailand: Good times, bad times
    Competition threatens SE Asian country's lead
  58. Hot Asian genre films at Cannes
    Profiles of anticipated titles from Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and China
  59. So Young sets summer HK outing
    Golden Scene to open mainland hit in June
  60. Iron Man 3 breaks China opening day record
    Superhero film crosses RMB100m in a day
  61. So Young graduates with honours
    Chinese drama makes US$45 million in five days
  62. Iron Man shows mettle with mega Asia opening
    Weekend records fall in multiple territories
  63. Django unchained for China release
    Iron Man 3 outing now set for National Day
  64. Cold War freezes out rivals at HK Awards
    Police action drama dominates proceedings
  65. Berlin File opens 15th Udine
    Films from China, Japan and South Korea dominate
  66. Lost in translation
    Selling and marketing Chinese-language films overseas is becoming trickier
  67. Emperor makes leap into exhibition
    Partnership with UA targets mainland China market
  68. Lost discovered as Asia's top BO title
    Chinese film to receive Asian Film Award
  69. Local films score at BO around Asia
    Journey, Boys, Miracle, Loman, Assassin dominate
  70. Journey breaks China single-day BO record
    Fantasy takes record from Transformers 3
  71. Hollywood maintains grip on HK CNY
    Die Hard conquers Stephen Chow's Journey to the West
  72. Journey to the West conquers China
    Comedy secures opening day record for a local film
  73. 1942 gets theatrical on demand boost
    China Lion adds marketing deal, Lost releases in US
  74. Bullet, War lead HK Awards nominations
    Close race for top titles
  75. Lost in Thailand is lost to Taiwan
    Road movie comedy barred by quota
  76. Avengers tops 2012 Singapore BO chart
    CZ12 becomes top Asian film of all time
  77. Grandmaster has masterful BO debut
    Lost in Thailand closes in on $200m
  78. China BO exceeds RMB17 billion
    Local production surges
  79. CZ12 tops $130m box office
    Chan scores across most of region
  80. Xu joins one billion club
    Road movie comedy crosses US$160m on New Year's Day
  81. China loses ground as BO surges
    Local films' market share slips below 50%
  82. Hollywood holds Hong Kong holidays
    Three day box office up 4.63% on 2011 numbers
  83. Chan's CZ12 reclaims BO
    Chinese weekend very strong
  84. Lost finds box office glory in China
    Road movie comedy takes $48.9m in five days
  85. Iron Man 3 lands in Beijing
    Wang poses for PR shots
  86. Wang joins cast of Iron Man 3
    Superhero film shoots in Beijing
  87. Confucius lands Xposure, Feng Shui
    North American film event secures top premieres
  88. Theme park pact for Chow, ChinaVision
    Partners extend range of joint interests
  89. Looper back on space-time continuum
    Science fiction film joins China holiday lineup
  90. Dhoom:3 set as India's first 3-D feature
    Action franchise on giant screens from 2013
  91. Chinavision takes Chow's Journey
    Equity sliced thinner, 5-pic co-investment deal
  92. Huayi thinks big
    Seven forthcoming titles to be released in IMAX format
  93. Thieves laps King, trails Host
    South Korean heist movie is highest grossing local film
  94. Fox sails into Myanmar with Titanic
    First Hollywood film released following deal
  95. Resurrection takes China BO record
    Bunshinsaba remake makes $5m in first week
  96. What can Iron Man 3 shoot in China?
    Approvals still needed, superheroes caught in bureaucracy
  97. Taichi goes 3-D
    Steampunk martial arts films releasing back-to-back
  98. China box office crosses $1.2bn in H1
    Market grows 42% year-on-year; local films have 35% market share
  99. Resurrection maintains box office lead
    Chen Kaige's Caught in the Web also opens strong in China
  100. Village confirms cash for Asia film
    VREG to produce up to 8 films per year
  101. Painted Skin puts China back on top
    Action-fantasy is first local film to lead box office in 22 weeks
  102. Shanghai premieres are Skin deep
    Upcoming films promoted on red carpet, not with screenings
  103. Resurrection set as Shanghai opener
    Fantasy action film gets red carpet treatment
  104. Chinese Iron Man begins shoot
    Superhero movie targets May 2013 release
  105. Asia to have subtle market influence
    Economic trends flow in region's favour; yet to be reflected in market
  106. Anticipated films lock China dates
    Inseparable and Seediq Bale in May; Wong Kar-wai's Grandmaster in December
  107. Disney, DMG to co-produce Iron Man
    Third instalment of superhero franchise to shoot in China
  108. Titanic claims China record
    Film beats 1997 cumulative in five days
  109. Simple Life tops HK awards
    Speeches warn of HK industry peril
  110. Asia offers rich menu to Cannes' selectors
    Will the new-look Directors' Fortnight seize its chance?
  111. Titanic 3-D sails away with China BO
    Remastered and trimmed, but on course to sink previous total
  112. Buff the winner at HK Easter parade
    Box office bulges in holiday period
  113. Dark Flight sinks Titanic in Taipei
    3-D Thai horror lifts off
  114. Bullets a hit at Directors' Guild Awards
    China prize ceremony reinstated
  115. Indian censors refloat intact Titanic
    3-D version restores nude scene
  116. Bullets still flying at HK Film Awards
    Films by Jiang Wen and Tsui Hark receive 13 nominations each
  117. Local revenues boom for South Korean films
    KOFIC data: BO climbs, NEW is No 3 distributor
  118. HK critics like things Simple
    Awards split
  119. Taiwan distribs queue for China quota
    Flowers, Skin and 1942 among likely recipients
  120. Flowers widens lead on Swords
    Chinese films dominate China box office
  121. Ge to reign at Emperor
    Actor strikes slate deal with HK studio
  122. Simple Life, Seediq Bale ride off with Golden Horse prizes
    Mainland Chinese films sidelined at Taiwan award show
  123. Exhibitors make peace with War
    Boycott of Zhang Yimou film avoided
  124. Love stronger than Steel
    Chinese comedy opens on $30m
  125. Village Roadshow Asia announces first titles
    China-Hollywood bridge allies self with Zhang, Kong, Chow
  126. Busan West reveals selection
    Old and new travel to Orange County
  127. Rooster calls for Space Dream
    Patriotism trumps popularity at annual awards
  128. Separation, Anatolia top APSA nominations list
    Bullets and Wedding Planners also shortlisted for best film
  129. Seediq and Bullets head Horse race
    Taiwan talent recognised in local and Mainland films
  130. Brisbane adds nine
    Festival teases with updated selection
  131. London festival finds plenty to admire
    New season contenders side by side with 2011 favourites
  132. Summer sizzles at HK box office
    Releases tumble as blockbusters dominate
  133. Huayi expands film to TV
    Series to start shooting this month
  134. Sunny rises against the machines
    Director's cut of Korean drama released today
  135. Confusion continues as Indonesia nears distribution restart
    Loose ends include contracts, logistics and politics
  136. Locarno unveils line-up
    Japanese films take prime slots
  137. Bullets finds US target
    Record-breaking film sold in four title package deal
  138. Sex keeps HKBO afloat
    First half revenues down by only 4%
  139. Sunny shines again
    Korean drama reclaims top spot from Panda
  140. Huayi has high hopes for hefty slate
    Production lineup includes prequels, 'greater China' talent
  141. Confessions vindicated at Japan Academy Awards
    Villain sweeps acting prizes; Assassins takes technical awards
  142. Feng and Jiang still dominate China BO
    Low-budget horror Midnight Beating strong in third place
  143. IYATO 2 gets Christmas US release
    Romantic comedy in co-ordinated distribution
  144. Clover Films claims dozen deals
    New Singapore distributor pounds acquisition trail
  145. Golden Horse opens with romance
    Festival includes tributes to Weerasethakul, Kon and Rohmer
  146. Bong, Jia and Côté form Vancouver's Asian jury
    Dragons & Tigers competition announces eight from first-time directors
  147. Toronto adds Asian dozen
    Further top titles added to World Cinema section
  148. Korean BO slows in April
    Slowest month of the year, but 2010 still ahead
  149. Confucius struggles in opening weekend
    Record number of screens does not result in record breaking box office
  150. New Zealand provided Avatar mega grant
    3-D blockbuster receives 15% of in-country spending
  151. Australian films score at local BO
    Local films take 5% market share
  152. Avatar king of the world in Hong Kong
    3-D film overtakes Titanic to become highest grosser
  153. Avatar to be pulled from 2-D screens
    Epic will continue to show on more lucrative 3-D screens
  154. Avatar is biggest film ever in Australia
    Titanic's long-standing record set to be overtaken

So Young enters China's all-time top ten

So Young enters China's all-time top ten

By Stephen Cremin

Sat, 18 May 2013, 09:30 AM (HKT)

Box Office News

After three weeks in cinemas, So Young 致我們終將逝去的青春 (2013) is now the tenth highest theatrical release of all time in China, having taken RMB655.5 million (US$107 million) by Thursday night.

Seven of the top ten films are local productions in a broad range of genres including action-fantasy, comedy, drama, road movie and western. Five of the seven titles were released in the past twelve months.

Despite taking more money than So Young every day since opening on 1 May, Iron Man 3 (2013) is still behind it in box office receipts, having secured RMB644.9 million (US$105 million) after 16 days in cinemas.

Peter CHAN 陳可辛's American Dreams in China 中國合伙人 (2013) opened in Chinese cinemas yesterday with a 35% screen occupancy.


  1. Avatar (2009) — RMB1.39b (US$226m)
  2. Lost in Thailand 人再囧途之泰囧 (2012) — RMB1.26b (US$206m)
  3. Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons 西游 降魔篇 (2013) — RMB1.24b (US$203m)
  4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) — RMB1.11b (US$181m)
  5. Titanic (1997) — RMB977m (US$159m)
  6. CZ12 十二生肖 (2012) — RMB879m (US$143m)
  7. Painted Skin: The Resurrection 畫皮Ⅱ (2012) — RMB727m (US$118m)
  8. Let the Bullets Fly 讓子彈飛 (2010) — RMB674m (US$110m)
  9. Aftershock 唐山大地震 (2010) — RMB665m (US$108m)
  10. So Young — RMB656m (US$107m)

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