Toei's Harlock captured by GFM

Toei's Harlock captured by GFM

By Patrick Frater

Fri, 10 May 2013, 18:41 PM (HKT)

Sales News

Toei Animation Co Ltd 東映アニメーション' big-budget animated film Space Pirate Captain Harlock キャプテンハーロック (2013) is to be sold by UK-based sales house GFM Films.

With a budget that producers claim is in excess of US$30 million, it is one of Japan's most expensive films. The animation features motion capture effects and is presented in stereoscopic 3-D.

Directed by ARAMAKI Shinji 荒牧伸志, the film is set in 2977, a time when the Gaia Corporation rules the galaxy and features a cast of desperate characters trying to return to Earth. Leiji MATSUMOTO 松本零士's original manga is adapted by screenwriters FUKUI Harutoshi 福井晴敏 and TAKEUCHI Kiyoto 竹内清人.

The film is now in post-production ahead of a 7 Sep 2013 theatrical release in Japan by Toei Company Ltd 東映. GFM, run by sales industry veterans Guy COLLINS, Fred HEDMAN and Michael RYAN, will be screening a 15 minute promo reel in Cannes.

An international voice cast is being sought for the film's release in international markets. Its Japanese voice cast is headlined by OGURI Shun 小栗旬 as Captain Harlock and MIURA Haruma 三浦春馬 as Yama, his would-be assassin.

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