One Third wins at Okinawa

One Third wins at Okinawa

By Stephen Cremin

Tue, 25 March 2014, 08:15 AM (HKT)

Festival News

The 6th Okinawa International Movie Festival 沖縄国際映画祭 (20-24 Mar 2014) closed yesterday with awards for films from Japan and South Korea.

The Special Jury Prize went to bank heist comedy One Third サンブンノイチ based on KINOSHITA Hanta 木下半太's novel and directed by SHINAGAWA Hiroshi 品川祐 (pictured left). Although there is no prize money, it is the jury's main award.

Two runner-ups each receive ¥1 million (US$9,780) in prize money.

MOTOKI Katsuhide 本木克英's Mission Impossible: Samurai 超高速!参勤交代 won the Grand Prix in the competition's Laugh Category. The samurai comedy opens in Japan in June through producer Shochiku Co Ltd 松竹.

South Korea's Miss Granny 수상한 그녀 won the Grand Prix in the Peace Category. The fantasy-comedy's director HWANG Dong-hyuk 황동혁 | 黄東赫 (pictured centre) and main actress SHIM Eun-gyeong 심은경 | 沈恩敬 (pictured right) attended the festival.

The jury was headed by veteran Japanese director NAKAJIMA Sadao 中島貞夫. Jury members included casting director NARAHASHI Yoko 奈良橋陽子 and Hong Kong director Gary TANG 鄧特希.

The festival and surrounding events had an attendance of 380,000. The 7th Okinawa International Movie Festival will be held 25-29 Mar 2015, maintaining the shorter 5-day length introduced this year. The festival previously ran for 8 days.

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