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  1. The 33D Invader | 蜜桃成熟時33D
    Lame softcore sex comedy is only of interest for its newcomer lead.
  2. Blind | 블라인드
    Serial-killer thriller with a blind heroine has effective moments but doesn't fully realise its potential.
  3. East Meets West | 東成西就2011
    Parodistic, pop-culture romp finds director Jeff Lau on good but not consistent form.
  4. The Front Line | 고지전
    Well-written and directed Korean War-is-hell movie is over-long but involvingly played.
  5. The Great Magician | 大魔術師
    Classy period comedy with meaty roles for its name cast.
  6. It Gets Better | ไม่ได้ขอให้มารัก
    Interwoven stories centred on sexual transgressiveness are well-mounted but dramatically thin.
  7. Kora | 轉山
    Engrossing two-wheel road/survival movie set in the wilds of Yunnan and Tibet.
  8. Love | 愛
    Good-looking, multi-character Valentine's Day movie, stronger in parts than as a whole.
  9. Love in a Puff | 志明與春嬌
    The cute idea of a "smirting" rom-com is let down by shallow characters and weak development.
  10. Love in the Buff | 春嬌與志明
    Fluffy rom-com following the pair from Love in a Puff is a big improvement.
  11. Love Is Not Blind | 失戀33天
    Charming, unpretentious rom-com boosted by subtle chemistry between its leads.
  12. The Man Behind the Courtyard House | 守望者:罪惡迷途
    Fascinating genre-bender that morphs from C-Horror into something quite different.
  13. Moby Dick | 모비딕
    Routine '90s conspiracy thriller has likable performances but not much political depth.
  14. My Own Swordsman | 武林外傳
    Entertaining film version of the 2006 hit Mainland sitcom has its own, big-screen personality.
  15. Nightfall | 大追捕
    Routine crime drama squanders good leads on a poor script with only average direction.
  16. Punch | 완득이
    Offbeat treatment of formulaic elements makes this troubled-teen movie very likeable.
  17. Rakenrol
    Indie romantic comedy set against the rock-music scene sports very likeable characters and performances.
  18. Romancing in Thin Air | 高海拔之戀Ⅱ
    Ambitious riff on Asian melodrama is diverting but lacks real emotional oxygen.
  19. Silenced | 도가니
    Fact-based drama of sexual abuse at a deaf kids' school is still powerful despite melodramatic moments.
  20. Sunny | 써니
    A joyous comedy-drama of female friendship, with excellent ensemble work and lots of retro nostalgia.
  21. The Viral Factor | 逆戰
    Splashy but routine action thriller, with nothing between the shootouts and explosions.
  22. Vulgaria | 低俗喜劇
    Rough-and-ready satire of low-end Hong Kong filmmaking is what it is, and no more.
  23. Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale | 賽德克・巴萊
    International version of the two-part Taiwan epic is watchable but uninvolving, with repetitive action.
  24. The Woman in the Septic Tank | Ang babae sa septic tank
    Satire of festival-friendly, Third World slum dramas is amusing but under-developed.
  25. The Woodsman and the Rain | キツツキと雨
    Low-key character comedy about a forest logger and a film crew spreads itself thin.
  26. You Are the Apple of My Eye | 那些年,我們一起追的女孩。
    Likable but lightweight compendium of high-school romances, well cast and slickly packaged.

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  1. Pang Ho-cheung to head Osaka jury
    Joined by actresses Takeda Rina and Yun Jin-seo
  2. Overh3ard leads HK Film Award nominations

    Ten each for Golden Era and Rise of the Legend
  3. Johnnie To breaks hearts on Singles' Day
    Career-best opening day in Mainland China
  4. Drug War tops China Media Awards
    Finding Mr. Right wins audience prize
  5. Giddens' Café charms HK and Taiwan
    How to Train Your Dragon 2 tops China B.O.
  6. Media Asia locks South Korea deals
    Drug War remake; Helios sale
  7. Eternal Zero wins Udine audience award
    Attorney takes Black Dragon Award in Italy
  8. Udine to honour Fortissimo's Michael Werner
    Award ceremony on 26 Apr
  9. Pang Ho-cheung's Aberdeen to open Udine
    Thermae Romae II to close Italian festival
  10. Alibaba extends into film business
    Giddens projects; crowd investment scheme
  11. Mainland cinema's new maturity
    Films by debut directors among highlights of 2013
  12. Fruit Chan to be Udine's guest of honour
    Italian festival to screen new cut of The Midnight After
  13. Eric Shih on Warner's Taiwan strategy
    From Island Etude to Meeting Dr. Sun
  14. Dante Lam on his Demon Within
    China, teamwork and musicals
  15. Grandmaster leads HK Film Award nominations
    11 for Unbeatable, 9 for Rigor Mortis
  16. Vesoul focuses on Philippines and Vietnam
    French festival reveals 20th anniversary tributes
  17. HK Film Critics Society picks Grandmaster
    Drug War wins two awards
  18. Pecoross tops Kinema Junpo list
    Amour named Best Foreign Film
  19. Police Story leads second weekend at China B.O.
    Up in the Wind fourth-placed
  20. Golden Horse Reflections
    What the Awards means to this year's participants
  21. On Happiness Road takes FPP Grand Prize
    Surviving Hai wins other cash award at Golden Horse project market
  22. Hong Kong cinema's identity crisis
    Is localisation the future of Hong Kong film-making?
  23. Pang Ho-cheung begins production on Flirt
    Co-starring Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming
  24. 10th HKAFF cooks up a White Storm
    Snowpiercer is Hong Kong festival's closing film
  25. Grandmaster leads Golden Horse nominees
    Five including Ilo Ilo tied with 6 nominations
  26. Golden Horse announces its four horsemen
    Four leading directors to head four major events
  27. 1942 tops Golden Rooster nominations
    New category, smaller ceremony this year
  28. Southeast Asia in focus at Taoyuan festival
    New Taiwan film event launches in October
  29. Animations dominates 2013 Japan box office
    Les Misérables is top live action film
  30. Doha Film Institute enlists Paolo Bertolin
    Italian programmer to advise DFI's two new festivals
  31. Asian Film Summit announces first speakers
    Toronto event invites Reeves, To and Yoda
  32. Johnnie To shooting romantic comedy sequel
    Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 re-teams Koo and Gao
  33. Focus on Asia has eyes on Hong Kong
    The Way We Dance to open Fukuoka festival in Japan
  34. New Giddens film begins shooting in Taipei
    Superhero film co-directed by Peter Tsi & Kevin Ko
  35. China's genre revolution
    Uncharted waters of the Mainland's movie renaissance
  36. United holds Tokyo Pang Ho-cheung tribute
    Four films added to second instalment of retrospective
  37. Hentai Kamen hero-worshipped in New York
    Manga adaptation wins NYAFF audience prize; Daniel A. Craft Award launched
  38. Industry has tough words for Doze Niu
    Giddens, Kevin Chu and mentor Hou Hsiao-hsien on military mishap
  39. Stone and To ignite Shanghai
    Two auteurs on Edward Snowden, screen violence and Hong Kong cinema's identity
  40. Shanghai struts its A-list credentials
    World's two biggest film industries face-off in China
  41. Secret Tips wins at Udine
    Rom-com is audience favourite at Italian festival
  42. Cold War freezes out rivals at HK Awards
    Police action drama dominates proceedings
  43. Berlin File opens 15th Udine
    Films from China, Japan and South Korea dominate
  44. Giddens kickstarts Kung Fu follow-up
    Apple director to adapt Chinese superheroes novel
  45. Barlow launches new US-Asian distributor
    Releasing to span wider range of titles
  46. Taiwan cinema: north or south?
    Will the island's industry finally embrace China?
  47. Osaka jury has romance with Beloved
    Debut film from China wins Grand Prix
  48. Emperor makes leap into exhibition
    Partnership with UA targets mainland China market
  49. Kirishima does its Thing
    High school drama wins at Japan Academy Awards
  50. Kim to receive Udine award
    One Asian festival salutes another
  51. Haewon opens EFM sales for Finecut
    Pieta still selling strongly
  52. Bullet, War lead HK Awards nominations
    Close race for top titles
  53. Taipei BO down 5% in 2012
    Local films' market share down from 19% to 12%
  54. Hong Kong BO up 12% in 2012
    Just one local film in top ten
  55. China takes reigns of Horse Awards
    Beijing Blues wins top prize in Taiwan
  56. Hanoi festival returns in strength
    Event fetes local renewal, Asia Pacific development
  57. Golden Horse focuses on Asian indies
    Tributes to Mendoza, Ogigami and Chinese independents
  58. Incredible sells smartly for Star Alliance
    China-HK group expands production slate
  59. APSA nominations spread thinly
    Hill top at selection stage
  60. Asia sends 15 to Oscars race
    Malaysia, Singapore quietly make submissions
  61. Mainland films lead Golden Horse race
    Mystery and Beijing Blues shortlisted
  62. Thermae Romae heats up Taipei BO
    Time travel film tops box office charts
  63. Luang Prabang opens SE Asian shop window
    Laos festival highlights region's diversity
  64. Changchun awards 1911
    Ning Hao's Guns and Roses wins three prizes
  65. Malaysia gambles on Golden Horse Awards
    Genre films submit to Taiwan awards
  66. Toronto announces first Asian titles
    Listings give clue to Venice premieres
  67. Apple is the apple of Mirovision's eye
    South Korean distributor also opts for A Simple Life
  68. HK Summer fest makes living easy
    Line-up unveiled for popular spin-off event
  69. China box office crosses $1.2bn in H1
    Market grows 42% year-on-year; local films have 35% market share
  70. Local films boost Hong Kong BO
    Avengers tops chart; Love and Life essential viewing
  71. Painted Skin puts China back on top
    Action-fantasy is first local film to lead box office in 22 weeks
  72. Apple seeks bite of Asian content market
    Legal, virtual stores launch leaves out China, India
  73. Durban to play Asian tunes
    SA festival takes film to new places
  74. To celebrates HK career in Paris
    Retrospective marks 15th anniversary of handover
  75. Terracotta army puts on victory parade
    HK films showcased in London
  76. Five Asian films compete at Skip City
    Japanese festival merges feature film competitions
  77. Locarno to honour To
    HK director to receive Golden Leopard
  78. NY Asian Festival powers up
    Premieres, prizes and retro presentations
  79. Woodsman and Light dazzle Nippon Connection
    German festival recognises films by Okita and Yamasaki
  80. Chong stands down as Media Asia CEO
    Producer and screenwriter is the last founder to depart
  81. Silenced is golden in Udine
    Far East Film Festival also rewards Kora and The Front Line
  82. Asian film's gender agenda
    Female producers gather at Udine's Far East Film Festival
  83. East Meets West in Udine
    Forum on cultural exchange explores continental drift
  84. Defiant words as Udine opens under a cloud
    Festival boss resists gloomy outlook as Sunny entertains
  85. Asian films make N American progress
    Modern themes connecting with audiences
  86. Anticipated films lock China dates
    Inseparable and Seediq Bale in May; Wong Kar-wai's Grandmaster in December
  87. Simple Life tops HK awards
    Speeches warn of HK industry peril
  88. Buff the winner at HK Easter parade
    Box office bulges in holiday period
  89. Bullets a hit at Directors' Guild Awards
    China prize ceremony reinstated
  90. Ties that Bind back for 2012 edition
    Udine project market unveils selection
  91. Silence, Jai Bhim claim HKIFF awards
    Young Cinema prizes announced
  92. Terracotta does things own Way
    London Asian festival unveils lineup, acquires rights
  93. Velo accelerates into distribution
    New Vietnam buyer on shopping spree at FilMart
  94. Separation wins Asian Film Awards
    Deanie Ip also continues her winning streak
  95. Oscilloscope focuses on Bunohan
    Malaysian action drama finds US buyer
  96. Zhang comes Full Circle with Fortissimo
    Company's first mainland title in over a year; sales news
  97. 5 Points to do Right by CJ
    Korean films finds North American home
  98. America hearts Love
    Taiwanese romance scores in platform release
  99. Buff fit for Hong Kong opener
    Festival proclaims diversity, depth of retrospective work
  100. Love romances Taipei audiences
    Love opens at #1; Din Tao now #1 of 2012
  101. Bullets still flying at HK Film Awards
    Films by Jiang Wen and Tsui Hark receive 13 nominations each
  102. Osaka lines up diverse competition
    Japan premiere of Wu Xia to close festival
  103. Taiwan audiences march to a different drummer
    Din Tao leads Lunar New Year box office results
  104. Odin's Eye enters Forbidden Ground
    Australian sales company picks up two titles for EFM
  105. Hua Hin declares It Gets Better
    Romantic drama handed audience award
  106. Hua Hin rolls out red carpet
    Stars in Thailand for new event
  107. Panorama fills final slots with returnees
    Ogigami, Niu and Yonfan return to Berlin
  108. Australians go to the Oscars
    Asian films eliminated from awards race
  109. South Korean films surge in 2011
    Local films reverse five year downtrend
  110. Hua Hin Festival unveils Asia-centric lineup
    New showcase kicks off next week
  111. Tsunami washes through Berlin Forum
    Festival sidebar features four from Japan
  112. Udine lights on South Korea's Darkest Decade
    Asian festival prepares 14th edition
  113. Seediq Bale shortlisted for Oscars
    Taiwan epic is only film from Asia to make penultimate round
  114. AFA nominations headed by Greater China mega titles
    South Asia titles in supporting role, South Korea almost edited out
  115. Apple has bite of China box office
    Flowers and Swords both cross RMB500m
  116. China box office up 29% for 2011
    Second half growth keeps revenue on upward track
  117. Miike, Nugruho to colour Rotterdam Spectrum
    World premieres for Asian trio in huge section
  118. HAF expands scale and int'l collaboration
    Project market includes documentaries, top name talent
  119. Taiwan distribs queue for China quota
    Flowers, Skin and 1942 among likely recipients
  120. Apple takes Hustle's crown
    Taiwan youth drama breaks BO record for Chinese-language film in Hong Kong
  121. Hua Hin festival announced
    New film event launches in Thailand
  122. Trio head for Berlin Generations
    Films from South Korea, Philippines and Indonesia
  123. Tatsumi and Woodsman share AsiaAfrica prizes
    Japanese documentaries also recognised in Dubai
  124. The battle after Seediq Bale
    Dubai talent focus: Wei Te-sheng Q&A
  125. Dubai opens under Cruise control
    Strong lineup of Indian cinema and Bollywood stars
  126. Vie may get independent life
    Orange Sky considers listing Taiwan subsidiary
  127. East Meets West tops China BO
    Tintin and Apes cross RMB100m and RMB200m respectively
  128. Simple Life, Seediq Bale ride off with Golden Horse prizes
    Mainland Chinese films sidelined at Taiwan award show
  129. Exhibitors make peace with War
    Boycott of Zhang Yimou film avoided
  130. Finecut adds AFM deals
    Blind, Leafie, Goddess, Family sell multiple territories
  131. Love stronger than Steel
    Chinese comedy opens on $30m
  132. National candidates show at ASEAN festival
    2011 edition locates to Bali, Indonesia
  133. Stellar opening for Starry Night in Taipei
    Apple beats Sex as year's highest-grossing Chinese film in HK
  134. Well Go acquires Seediq Bale
    Distributor adds second foreign-lang hopeful
  135. Busan West reveals selection
    Old and new travel to Orange County
  136. Untouchable connects in Tokyo
    Local film Woodsman wins runner-up prize at Japanese festival
  137. Well Go takes Front Line
    Oscar contender find US home
  138. Grand Bell out in Front
    Korean awards show splits prizes
  139. Finecut signs deals in Busan, MIPCOM
    Poongsan, Leafie among licence deals
  140. Local heroes heed the call
    An interesting final quarter awaits the South Korean industry
  141. Edko unveils Irresistible pair
    Slate strengthened by HK-set pictures
  142. Hawaii gets Asia heavy
    Festival launches Extreme section, India focus
  143. Seediq and Bullets head Horse race
    Taiwan talent recognised in local and Mainland films
  144. HKAFF spotlights Taiwan and men in tights
    Love, bruises and nail clippers at Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
  145. Online smiles for Sunny
    Revenue growth points to improving ancillaries outlook
  146. Four Asian films to compete in Tokyo
    Ratanaruang, Pang and Du join Okita
  147. Winds of Asia looks backward and forward
    Sugino Kiki, Kim Ki-young and Cinemalaya under the spotlight
  148. Taiwan trio takes Taipei BO
    Seediq crosses NT$100m in 10 days
  149. Woodsman heads for Tokyo competition
    Festival to announce full selection on Wednesday
  150. Filmex pays tribute to Somai
    Competition highlights films from China and South Korea
  151. Philippines selects Oscar contender
    Film about film-making wins nomination
  152. Seediq takes bite out of Apple
    Aborigine epic does epic business
  153. Vancouver champions Chinese female directors
    Documentaries and omnibus films also highlighted
  154. Films with pedigree compete for Dragon & Tigers
    Vancouver competition includes three from Philippines
  155. Always and Mother bookend Busan
    Boxing romance to open South Korean festival
  156. Seediq Bale takes battle to Oscars
    Aborigine war epic is Taiwan's Academy Awards submission
  157. London festival finds plenty to admire
    New season contenders side by side with 2011 favourites
  158. Venice bends in nationality row
    Festival changes Seediq Bale label, but diplomatic rumblings continue
  159. Apple still ripe at Taipei BO
    Giddens joins Taiwan's 100 million club
  160. South Korea names Oscar contender
    Leading film nation has never had Award nomination
  161. Apple has bumper crop at Taipei BO
    Giddens' youth drama is Taiwan's newest blockbuster
  162. Toronto adds Masters, Discoveries
    Six Asia titles expand festival
  163. Apple, Apes and Ashin lead Taipei BO
    You are the Apple of My Eye crosses NT$10m during week of previews
  164. Warriors fights its way into French territory
    Taiwanese epic adds sales deal
  165. Asian selections burnish Toronto lineup
    India, Oz, Japan make strong showings in Gala and World sections
  166. UK sale for Seediq Bale
    Taiwan epic get new title, pre-premiere deal
  167. Taiwan protests Venice label
    Seediq Bale at heart of nationality dispute
  168. Asian quintet to play Venice
    Japan, Taiwan, China, HK represented
  169. Sunny rises against the machines
    Director's cut of Korean drama released today
  170. Viral Factor set for New Year outbreak
    Chinese action film confirms budget, locations, release
  171. Comedy tickles Cinemalaya jury
    Septic Tank is major winner in Manila
  172. HK sets tone for Summer
    Supplementary festival opens with Apple
  173. Korea BO shows resilience
    First half gain for local films, but Hollywood takes cash prize
  174. Familiar Grounds rewarded in Taipei
    Taiwan's You are the Apple of My Eye wins audience prize
  175. Sunny shines again
    Korean drama reclaims top spot from Panda
  176. PiFan lineup announced
    Korean fantasy festival opens with Bollywood documentary
  177. Yellow Box lands Bale and Bait
    Singapore sound studio secures high-profile Asian features
  178. China quartet finds Singapore distribution
    Emperor package includes The Great Magician and The Last Supper
  179. To wraps Thin Air love pic
    Romantic drama reunites Louis Koo and Gao Yuanyuan
  180. Finecut signs multiple Cannes deals
    Un Certain Regard pair sold, Night Fishing hooks US deal
  181. Seediq Bale partners with Fortissimo
    Aborigine epic locks some Asian territories
  182. Fresh slate for Free Stone
    New sales company launches five at Cannes
  183. CJ expands Cannes slate by eight
    Korean giant readies massive line-up, Cannes event
  184. Finecut flags new slate
    Korean seller expands slate, extends sales
  185. Beijing Screenings highlights trends
    Lineup includes recent horror, comedy and festival favourites
  186. Emperor slate delivers five fold attractions
    Diversity and top directors on offer
  187. Huayi has high hopes for hefty slate
    Production lineup includes prequels, 'greater China' talent
  188. Seediq Bale sets Sep 2011 campaign
    Two-part aborigine epic picked up by CMC Entertainment
  189. Ishii claims Tokyo Project crown
    Spirited romance takes prize
  190. Tokyo Project Gathering Hosts Host Sequel
    Co-production market emphasises Japanese and Korean cinema
  191. Castaway wins Udine vote
    South Korea's Castaway on the Moon is popular audience vote at Italian festival
  192. Udine unveils tributes to Shintoho, Lung
    Tributes to Japanese studio and a key Hong Kong filmmaker

Unspoiled Brats and Fresh Wave define Udine

Unspoiled Brats and Fresh Wave define Udine

By Staff Reporter

Tue, 10 April 2012, 20:20 PM (HKT)

Festival News

The 14th Far East Film Festival opens on 20 April with KANG Hyung-chul 강형철 | 姜炯哲's Sunny 써니 (2011) from South Korea and closes on 28 April with Dante LAM 林超賢's The Viral Factor 逆戰 (2012) from Hong Kong. Kang will attend opening night.

Other guests flying in include Johnnie TO 杜琪峯 and PANG Ho-cheung 彭浩翔 from Hong Kong, ZHANG Yuan 張元 from China, Giddens 九把刀 from Taiwan, TAKEUCHI Hideki 武内英樹 and RENBUTSU Misako 蓮佛美沙子 from Japan, Effendee MAZLAN from Malaysia and Tanwarin SUKKHAPISIT ธัญญ์วาริน สุขะพิสิษฐ์ from Thailand.

The 9-day festival will screen 57 feature films, including 10 titles within the previously announced retrospective of 1970s South Korean cinema. Other highlights include a programme of independent shorts from Hong Kong's Fresh Wave festival, and Zhang Yuan's "Unspoiled Brats" photo exhibition, now retitled "Beijing Flickers".

Within a wide-ranging programme that tracks trends in recent Asian cinema, the festival also turns its attention to the recent box office turnarounds in Taiwan (You Are the Apple of My Eye 那些年,我們一起追的女孩。 (2011), Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale 賽德克・巴萊 (2011)) and Hong Kong (Nightfall 大追捕 (2012), Love in the Buff 春嬌與志明 (2012)), with several of the films' directors and writers in attendance.

This year's festival trailer, by Filipino film-maker Quark HENARES, stars Ramon Bautista from the director's Rakenrol (2011), which received its world premiere at last year's edition. Trailers in previous years have been directed by regular guests Pang Ho-cheung, from Hong Kong, and Joko ANWAR, from Indonesia.



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