Vincent Gallo joins Human Trust

Vincent Gallo joins Human Trust

By Kevin Ma

Wed, 10 July 2013, 20:05 PM (HKT)

Production News

Shochiku Co Ltd 松竹 revealed today that American actor-director Vincent GALLO is one of the stars of SAKAMOTO Junji 阪本順治's The Human Trust 人類資金 (2013).

Gallo plays Harold, an American investment banker who hires an assassin — played by South Korea's YOO Ji-tae 유지태 | 劉智泰 — to go after the protagonist, a Japanese scam artist.

The rest of the cast, announced back in April, includes SATO Koichi 佐藤功一, KATORI Shingo 香取慎吾, MORIYAMA Mirai 森山未來, MIZUKI Arisa 観月ありさ, Joe ODAGIRI オダギリジョー and TOYOKAWA Etsushi 豊川悦司.

Based on an idea by novelist FUKUI Harutoshi 福井晴敏, Human Trust is about a globetrotting search for a long-lost fund that was confiscated by the American army at the end of World War II. Fukui and Sakamoto co-wrote the script, and Fukui's novelisation will be published in August.

Principal photography for the Shochiku production – which took place in Japan, Russia, United States and Thailand – was completed in spring 2013. It is scheduled to open in Japanese cinemas on 19 October.

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