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  1. The Front Line | 고지전
    Well-written and directed Korean War-is-hell movie is over-long but involvingly played.

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Well Go takes Front Line

Well Go takes Front Line

By Patrick Frater

Wed, 26 October 2011, 16:33 PM (HKT)

Sales News

Well Go USA Inc has picked up all North American rights to The Front Line 고지전 (2011), the war drama that is South Korea's contender for the foreign language Oscar nomination.

The film is directed by JANG Hoon 장훈 and stars SHIN Ha-gyun 신하균 | 申河均, GO Su 고수 | 高洙, and KIM Ok-bin 김옥빈 | 金玉彬 in a desperate tale of North and South Korean soldiers who fight over a small patch of land and strike up unusual friendships as they are driven backwards and forwards.

Well Go USA plans a January 2012 release for The Front Line in major North American cities.

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