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Wild Bunch launches high profile Asian slate

Wild Bunch launches high profile Asian slate

By Stephen Cremin

Thu, 06 February 2014, 17:00 PM (HKT)

Sales News

Paris-based sales company Wild Bunch has one of the strongest Asian lineups at this year's European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin with titles from ZHANG Yimou 張藝謀, NAKASHIMA Tetsuya 中島哲也, Jean-Jacques ANNAUD and LOU Ye 婁燁.

Based on a novel by YAN Geling 嚴歌苓, Zhang Yimou's Coming Home 歸來, previously known as Return, stars CHEN Daoming 陳道明 as a persecuted man who is reunited with his wife, played by GONG Li 鞏俐.

It his Zhang's first collaboration with Gong since Curse of the Golden Flower 滿城盡帶黃金甲 (2006) eight years ago. Zhang previously worked with Chen more than a decade ago on Hero 英雄 (2002), in which he played the Qin Emperor.

The film is the first directed by Zhang since joining China's Le Vision Pictures Co Ltd 樂視影業(北京)有限公司 as its artistic director, and is one of the highlights of the company's own impressive domestic slate for 2014.

Nakashima Tetsuya's The World of Kanako 渇き。, based on FUKAMACHI Akio 深町秋生's novel, stars YAKUSHO Koji 役所広司 as a former detective searching for his daughter, played by newcomer KOMATSU Nana 小松菜奈.

At the start of production, Nakashima said, "My goal is to make a violent fantasy never before seen in Japanese cinema". The maverick director most recently directed Confessions 告白 (2010).

The film is financed by Gaga Corporation ギャガ and Licri Inc 株式会社リクリ. Gaga recently partnered with Wild Bunch on international sales of Like Father, Like Son そして父になる. Gaga keep Asian rights to Kanako.

Gaga are also representing manga adaptation Black Butler 黒執事 in Berlin, with market screenings on Fri 7 Feb at 17:40 in CinemaxX Studio 15 and on Mon 10 Feb at 14:55 in CinemaxX Studio 12.

One year after announcing they had taken European rights, Wild Bunch is also pushing Jean-Jacques Annaud's epic period film Wolf Totem 狼圖騰 in Berlin. The film is currently in post-production.

Based on JIANG Rong 姜戎's novel, the 3-D film stars William FENG 馮紹峰 and Shawn DOU 竇驍 in the story of a student sent to Inner Mongolia during the Cultural Revolution. It has a previously reported budget of US$38 million.

Continuing their strong lineup of Chinese-language cinema, Wild Bunch is also representing Lou Ye's competition title Blind Massage 推拿, based on BI Feiyu 畢飛宇's novel.

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