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Yonosuke tops Blue Ribbon Awards

Yonosuke tops Blue Ribbon Awards

By Kevin Ma

Thu, 23 January 2014, 13:45 PM (HKT)

Awards News

The Tokyo Film Journalists Society 東京映画記者会 has announced the winners for the 58th Blue Ribbon Awards ブルーリボン賞, ahead of the awards ceremony on 11 Feb.

OKITA Shuichi 沖田修一's A Story of Yonosuke 横道世之介 (2012) (pictured), which premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival 東京国際映画祭, was the surprise winner of Best Picture. KORA Kengo 高良健吾 also won Best Actor for his titular role.

OMORI Tatsushi 大森立嗣 will pick up his first Best Director prize for relationship drama The Ravine of Goodbye さよなら渓谷 (2013). He was also nominated for his work on Bozo ぼっちゃん (2012).

KANJIYA Shihori 貫地谷しほり has also secured her first Best Actress prize for TSUTSUMI Yukihiko 堤幸彦's drama Angel Home くちづけ (2013). Pierre TAKI ピエール瀧 continues his winning streak with a Supporting Actor prize for The Devil's Path 凶悪 (2013).

NIKAIDO Fumi 二階堂ふみ won the Best Supporting Actress prize for her performances in Why Don't You Play in Hell? 地獄でなぜ悪い (2013), Mourning Recipe 四十九日のレシピ (2013) and Brain Man 脳男 (2013).

The Great Passage 舟を編む (2013), which had the most number of nominations, wins the Best Newcomer prize for KUROKI Haru 黒木華, who is also winning for her work in A Chair on the Plains 草原の椅子 (2013) and The Flowers of Shanidar シャニダールの花 (2013).

As previously announced, actor MIKUNI Rentaro 三國連太郎 (1923-2013) and director OSHIMA Nagisa 大島渚 (1932-2013) will receive special posthumous awards.

Oscar frontrunner Gravity (2013) wins the Best Foreign Film prize, defeating 25 other nominated films.

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