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  1. The Flowers of War | 金陵十三釵
    Good-looking but dramatically weak Nanjing Massacre drama, with a miscast Christian Bale.

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Zhang wraps Nanking movie

Zhang wraps Nanking movie

By Patrick Frater

Thu, 23 June 2011, 20:08 PM (HKT)

Production News

Principal photography has been completed on ZHANG Yimou 張藝謀's The Flowers of War 金陵十三釵 (2011).

Filming took 164 days and was the director's toughest yet, production company Beijing New Pictures Film Co 北京新畫面影業有限公司 said in a statement.

The film stars Christian BALE as an American who takes refuge in a church with 13 prostitutes and a group of innocent schoolgirls during the fighting between Chinese and Japanese troops in 1937. Flowers is approximately 40% in English and 60% in Mandarin and will be released in China on 16 Dec 2011.

The screenplay is by LIU Heng 劉恆 and was adapted fromYAN Geling 嚴歌苓's novel. It was produced by Zhang's regular partner ZHANG Weiping 張偉平. Executive producers are David LINDE, DENG Chaoying 鄧超英 and Bill KONG 江志強.

International sales are by FilmNation Entertainment LLC and, in North America, Deng, David and Stephen SALTZMAN of law firm Loeb & Loeb LLP.

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