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Theatrical release: Philippines, 14 July 2010.

Presented by ABS-CBN Film Productions (PH). Produced by Star Cinema (PH). Executive producers: Charo Santos-Concio, Malou N. Santos. Producer: Kara Halona U. Kintanar.

Script: Joel Mercado. Additional scenes and dialogue: Enrico C. Santos, Kriz G. Gazmen, Roumella Niña L. Monge, Lawrence Nicodemus. Photography: Manuel Teehankee, Mo Zee, Hermann Claravall. Editing: Marya Ignacio. Music direction: Cesar Francis S. Concio. Art direction: Zherwin John Atienza, Lesley Anne Padilla. Sound: Aurel Bilbao, Ronald De Asis. Action: Baldo Marro. Visual effects: Digital Dodge. Prosthetics: Eirenne Reyes. Creative associate: Kriz G. Gazmen.

Cast: Arm: Sam Concepcion (Ivan), AJ Perez (Andrew), Robi Domingo (Ronald), Baron Geisler (Greg), Kristel Moreno (Trisha, his girlfriend), Fred Payawan, Jomi Teotico (frat club members), Johnny Barnes (morgue caretaker). Feet: Jodi Sta. Maria (Elisa), Barbie Sabino (Ana, her daughter), Jana Cutler (Kaye), Joy Viado (Gloria, the neighbour), Shamaine Buencamino (Kaye's mother), Rouel De Villa (Kaye's father), Marco Mañalac (amputee in graveyard), Joseph Robles (half-faced man), Chill Castello (Kaye's double). Eyes: Maja Salvador (Rose), Rayver Oruz (Alvin, her fiance), David Chua (road-rage victim), Mark Manicad (Jerome), Malou Abila (Rose's mother). Face: Mariel Rodriguez (Rizza), Nanding Josef (Bong), Ketchup Eusebio (Eric), Arnold Reyes (Raymond). Heart: Pokwang (Emily), Zanjoe Marudo (Elvis), Malou De Guzman (Madam Osang, Emily's godmother), Empoy Marquez (Den-den), Bangs Garcia (Rowena), Robert Sanchez (bully), Samer Concepcion (bully's girlfriend), Robin Lavarquez (Elvis' double).



Contemporary horror anthology
2010, colour, 1.85:1, 111 mins (directors' cut)

Directed by Frasco Mortiz (Arm/Braso), Enrico Santos (Feet/Paa), Ato Bautista (Eyes/Mata), Nick Olanka (Face/Mukha), Cathy Garcia-Molina (Heart/Puso)


By Derek Elley

Sat, 12 March 2011, 21:59 PM (HKT)

Variable collection of five horror/ghost tales has few real chills. Genre events.


Manila, the present day. Arm: three freshmen students (Sam Concepcion, AJ Perez, Robi Domingo), dressed in women's underwear, are locked in a mortuary by frat club leader Greg (Baron Geisler) as the final part of their initiation test. Once they are inside, various body parts start to come to life. Feet: after the funeral of Kaye (Jana Cutler), a young girl who was run over by a car and lost her foot, slum-dweller Elisa (Jodi Sta. Maria) and her daughter Ana (Barbie Sabino), who was Kaye's classmate, are haunted by the ghost of Kaye. Eyes: driving home from a disco club, Rose (Maja Salvador) and her fiance Alvin (Rayver Oruz) go the wrong way down a one-way street. Alvin gets ito an argument with another driver and shoots him. Afterwards, Rose finds herself haunted by the dead man and repeatedly reliving the event. Face: Rizza (Mariel Rodriguez), super-bitch boss of ad agency Knoll & Co., sacks office menial Bong (Nanding Josef) after an argument over some photo-copying. Bong commits suicide and Rizza then finds herself apparently haunted by his ghost. Heart: ugly Emily (Pokwang), who works in a funfair's chamber of horrors, is secretly in love with handsome co-worker Elvis (Zanjoe Marudo). When Elvis announces his engagement to the beautiful Rowena (Bangs Garcia), Emily is given a powerful love potion by her sorceress godmother (Malou DeGuzman) to make Elvis fall in love with her.


With its five tales linked by the theme of bodyparts (arm, feet, eyes, face, heart), and with a tangential connection between the first and last story, Cinco (2010) is a variable horror anthology from Star Cinema (the film-making arm of broadcasting giant ABS-CBN) that has few real shocks or surprises. The script by Joel MERCADO (who also worked on Star's ghost drama Dalaw (2010)) mostly revolves around hauntings, which are staged okay in the episodes Feet and Eyes but in very traditional Southeast Asian style.

The cleanest direction comes from Nick OLANKA in the office-set Face, though the almost non-existent story is largely a showcase for actress-model-TV host Mariel RODRIGUEZ as an uncaring ad-agency boss. The weakest is the somewhat homo-erotic opener Arm by TV director Frasco Santos MORTIZ (nephew of the two executive producers), which is basically a male screamer set in a mortuary.

Between these two extremes, the 24-minute Feet by ABS-CBN script consultant Enrico C. SANTOS is overall the most impressively directed segment, with solid use of the short-story format, while Eyes by horror director Ato BAUTISTA (Blackout (2007), Carnivore (2008)) is the slimmest. In the longest episode, Heart, mainstream comedy director Cathy GARCIA-MOLINA (Miss You Like Crazy (2010), My Amnesia Girl (2010)) develops her characters the most, with a bizarre performance by singer-comedienne Pokwang as a super-ugly funfair performer, but doesn't really seem at home in the horror genre.

A brief coda appears to trail a sequel, 10.

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