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Theatrical release: Hong Kong, 20 Sep 2012.

Presented by China 3D Digital Entertainment (HK). Produced by China 3D Digital Entertainment (HK). Executive producer: Stephen Shiu Jr. Producer: Christopher Sun.

Script: Mark Wu, Terry Lam. Story collection: Xiang Xi Murakami Haruki (Due West: My Sex Journey, 2012). Photography: Howard Leung. Editing: Alan Cheng. Music: Victor Tse. Art direction: Tony Yu. Costumes: Rennie Tse. Sound: Ken Wong, Ip Siu-kei. Visual effects: Legendtoonland. 3-D direction: Henry Chung. 3-D photography: Wong Chi-kuen.

Cast: Justin Cheung (Frankie Shiu), Gregory Wong (Wong Ching), Mark Wu (James), Mo Qiwen (Zoey, Frankie's first love), Jessica Kizaki (Japanese AV girl), Daniella Wang (Xiao Si/Celia), Angelina Zhang (Margaret), Celia Kwok (Zeta), Jeana Ho (Xiao Yu/Fish), Eva Li (No. 211), Wong Oi-ming (No. 106), Tony Ho (Frankie's father), Lily Ng (Frankie's mother), Wylie Chiu (Susan, Frankie's boss), Polly Leung (Jackie, Washington Sauna manager), Tenky Tin (Du Wen, Washington Sauna manager), Sit Lap-yin (young Wong Ching), Ng Ka-yee (teacher), Jane Ho (Jane, Zoey's friend), Hui Sze-min, Yu Mo-lin, To Lai-wan (mahjong players), Suen Ka-long (young Frankie), Wong Kwok-wah (policeman), Susan Ng (Wong Ching's girl), Terry Cheng (prisoner), Rei Leung (barmaid).


Due West: Our Sex Journey 一路向西

Hong Kong
Contemporary erotic comedy
2012, colour, 16:9, 3-D, 118 mins

Directed by Mark Wu (胡耀輝)

Due West: Our Sex Journey

By Derek Elley

Fri, 01 February 2013, 15:50 PM (HKT)

Over-long but okay sex comedy of a Hong Konger in search of action across the border. Beyond Asia, ancillary.


Hong Kong, the present day. Frankie Shiu (Justin Cheung), who works in sales and marketing, takes the train across the border to Shenzhen, China, with his longtime friend Wong Ching (Gregory Wong), who has always mentored his love-life. En route, Frankie remembers his disastrous sexual history. Raised in a "model Hong Kong family", with a domineering mother (Lily Ng) and hen-pecked father (Tony Ho), he's had one after another disastrous relationship since his teens, starting with Japanese AV star (Jessica Kizaki) watched on a DVD while his parents were out. After that, came schoolmate Zoey (Mo Qiwen), his first girlfriend; Anglo-Chinese Margaret (Angelina Zhang), while studying in London; air hostess Zeta (Celia Kwok), who had a cleanliness obsession and checked her message board while having sex; and Shenzhen hooker Xiao Yu (Jeana Ho), whom he met at a Shenzhen swingers' club. After breaking up with him, Zeta had tried getting together again, but Frankie found she still had the same hang-ups. Arriving by train in Shenzhen, Frankie and Wong Ching meet an old Hong Kong friend, James (Mark Wu), who is now working in China, and they all go to the Washington Sauna for a night of sex. There, Frankie picks Xiao Si (Daniella Wang), a Mainlander who is going to change his life.


Produced by the same team behind 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy 3D肉蒲團之極樂寶鑑 (2011), and directed by its writer Mark WU 胡耀輝, who also scripted softcore fluff Lan Kwai Fong 喜愛夜蒲 (2011) and Lan Kwai Fong 2 喜愛夜蒲2 (2012), Due West: Our Sex Journey 一路向西 (2012) serves up what it says on the label. Despite being visually less lavish than its costume predecessor, and thankfully free of its sexual violence, it's actually better directed. Wu, who also gives himself a jolly role as the lead's chubby best friend, spends the first hour flashbacking over the nerdy Frankie's klutzy sexual history (fairly standard Hong Kong boyish pranks, obsessed by breasts, porn and getting laid) before getting to the nitty-gritty when Our Hero, accompanied by his smooth sexual mentor (suavely played by Gregory WONG 王宗堯), takes a train across the China border to get some life-changing action at a Mainland "sauna".

The script is based on a collection of online stories, published in book form in 2012, by pseudonymous writer Xiang Xi Murakami Haruki 向西村上春樹 (who apes the well-known Japanese novelist's name), about cross-border sexual escapades by Hong Kongers in neighbouring Guangdong province. (The best-known story in the collection is the novella Epic Prostitution Report: Dongguan Forest, though in the film the town of Dongguan is never mentioned.) It's not the first movie to deal with the subject: PANG Ho-cheung 彭浩翔's more lavish comedy, Men Suddenly in Black 大丈夫 (2003), also centred on wimpy Hong Kong husbands sneaking across the border for some action behind their wives' backs. But anyone looking for more allegories about Hong Kong's relationship with China will find a few here, especially in the way Frankie is torn between his neurotic Hong Kong girlfriend (an air hostess with major sexual issues) and the practical, assured Mainland hooker he spends a toe-curling night with.

However, the main item on the movie's menu is simply lots of t&a, lots of harmless softcore sex, and lots of juvenile Cantonese comedy, fairly well staged even if (like 3D Sex and Zen) over-long by at least 20 minutes. Justin CHEUNG 張建聲, who had supporting roles in 3D Sex and Zen and The 33D Invader 蜜桃成熟時33D (2011), makes a likeable protagonist, underplaying the nerdiness, while mega-pneumatic Mainland model Daniella WANG 王李丹妮, of Mongolian origin, brings some surprising pathos to her assured playing of Frankie's hire. Among Frankie's other babes, Hong Kong models Celia KWOK 郭穎兒 and Jeana HO 何佩瑜 stand out for their lightly comic playing of the air hostess and a Shenzhen gold-digger.

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