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Theatrical release: Thailand, 23 Feb 2012.

Produced by Phranakorn Film (TH). Executive producer: Thanapol Thanarungroj, Vichai Thanarungroj. Producers: Thanit Jitnukul, Thawatchai Phanpakdee.

Script: Titipong Chaisati, Sorathep Vetwongsatip, Nidchaya Boonsiripunth, Samkan Chotikasawad, Yossapong Phonsup, Thanit Jitnukul. Photography: Wattana Wanchooplao. Editing: Sunit Asvinikul, Nopadol Kumduang, Titipong Chaisati. Music: Thippatai Pirompak. Art direction: Sarawut Rodtet, Somporn Sirichawasit, Narong Boonmark, Sirichai Pomsema. Costumes: Oraphun Roochur, Nidchaya Boonsiripunth. Sound: Arnon Uthaileang, Wachira Wongsarojna. Visual effects: Fatcat.

Cast: Apisit "Joey Boy" Opasaimlikit (Mhen), Pimradapa "Tina" Wright (Noo Na), Padong Songsang (Chiad), Surasak Wongthai (Master Kia), Arkom Preedakul (Uncle Khom), Boriboon Chanruang (Pom, the director), Dolkamol Sattatip (Somrak, the producer), Pongtap Anurat (Gunchai), Chayanun Ardpru (Natty, costumes), Thanya Rattanamarakul (Goi, fake female ghost), Phakjira "Atom" Vissavavisut (Chompoo, the bridal ghost), Thanwarath Lampeng (Miss Daeng, the executive producer), Kanin Chatichunchorn (Joi, the art director), Pimolpa Terakupt (Gade, make-up), Suthep Terathamrongtham (Somchai, ghost), Potsawat Wangsittidej (Fabio, camerman), Ponganan Wangsittidej (Rafael, cameraman), Witthawat Phongphanit (Nem), Supaksorn Chaimongkol (Kratae, Ghost Day guest), Anun Semathong (Oun Return, Club Love chatshow host), Suttipong Sutinrum (Jui Juis), Nirut Saosudchart, Pathomrat Sirisab, Rachawat Kub-ngoen (municipal officials), Taechit Amornlertsaikul (ghost), Chalotorn Borriraj (Kratae's friend), Somchai Satarnpong (boyfriend), Prasob Rattanawongsa (security guard).


Ghost Day แก๊งค์ตบผี

Contemporary horror comedy
2012, colour, 1.85:1, 92 mins

Directed by Thanit Jitnukul (ธนิต จิตนุกูล), Titipong Chaisati (ฐิติพงษ์ ใช้สติ), Sorathep Vetwongsatip

Ghost Day

By Derek Elley

Thu, 02 August 2012, 15:30 PM (HKT)

Likeable, knockabout ghost comedy which keeps moving and packs in plenty of content. Asian and genre events.


Bangkok, the present day. After a chaotic accideant in the studio, when a special effect goes wrong, the production team behind Ghost Day, which purports to tell true stories, is told by financier Miss Daeng (Thanwarath Lampeng) that she's going to cancel the show. Especially upset is production manager Noo Na (Pimradapa Wright), who's had her car repossessed and is about to lose her flat as well. The team decide they have to find a real haunting and, after seeing a video on the internet uploaded by ghostbusters Mhen (Apisit Opasaimlikit) and Chiad (Padong Songsang), they decide to approach them to do a deal. Noo Na already had a run-in with them when they mistakenly visited her flat to perform an exorcism, but her only wish is to improve the ratings for the show. Their master, Kia (Surasak Wongthai), refuses to appear on TV, but Mhen and Chiad have no scruples accepting 25,000 baht (US$800). The programme is set to be broadcast live from a reputedly haunted, disused theatre; thinking Mhen and Chiad are just phonies, the TV crew brings along a fake female ghost (Thanya Rattanamarakul), a costume and make-up team, and a veteran actor, Khom (Arkom Predakul), to act scared. However, Mhen and Chiad have brought along a real female ghost in a flask, lovelorn bride Chompoo (Phakjira Vissavavisut), who promptly misbehaves during a commercial break. Desperate to save the show, Noo Na pretends to be a ghost, and restores the ratings. But during the second commercial break the building's real ghost appears and possesses the show's director, Pom (Boriboon Chanruang).


Nobody does silly horror comedies like the Thais, and Ghost Day แก๊งค์ตบผี (2012) is one of the better ones, though still very silly. Experienced director Thanit JITNUKUL ธนิตย์ จิตนุกูล — best known internationally for his two historical action-dramas, Bang Rajan 2 บางระจัน 2 (2000) and Bang Rajan 2 บางระจัน 2 (2010), but a complete commercial all-rounder — keeps the pace brisk with co-directors Titipong CHAISATI ฐิติพงษ์ ใช้สติ and Sorathep VETWONGSATIP (part of his regular production team), mobile editing, a busy music score, and a script that packs in plenty of incident and characters. Based around a fake TV show that suddenly finds itself dealing with real ghosts, it has the clever idea (after a half-hour introduction) of following events in real time as a live broadcast from a haunted theatre spins out of control across 60 minutes.

Jitnukul & Co. are well served by their strong cast, led by actor-rapper Apisit "Joey Boy" OPASAIMLIKIT อภิสิทธิ์ โอภาสเอี่ยมลิขิต as a goofy ghostbuster and up-and-coming actress-singer Pimradapa "Tina" WRIGHT พิมพ์นารา ไรท์, 22, as the show's plucky production manager. Opasaimlikit, the colourful lead gangster in Pen-ek RATANARUANG เป็นเอก รัตนเรือง's noir-ish Headshot ฝนตกขึ้นฟ้า (2011), is very funny as an inept exorcist making some spare cash behind his master's back, while the Thai-English Wright, who was terrific as the tomboy in cross-sexual rom-com Do-Nut โด๋◎นัท (2011), is equally good here in a role that demands lots of physical comedy. Scenes between the two, including an early one in which the ghostbusters mistakenly try to "exorcise" her in her flat, are the highlights of the movie. Ultimately, however, they're part of a large, strong ensemble, which is kept occupied and on the move throughout.

Though its knockabout comedy is pretty standard (and occasionally overdone), Ghost Day gets by on its likeable ensemble and low-key technique. Handheld photography is dark and grungy, with the action mostly set in interiors, and visual effects are okay when required. Though the film was released only this year, it carries a 2010 copyright date.

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